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Wanderlei Silva reacts to NAC lifetime ban: ‘War is just beginning, sons of b-----s’

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

The Nevada Athletic Commission issued Wanderlei Silva a $70,000 fine and a lifetime ban, but the Brazilian veteran doesn’t sound impressed.

Following the NAC hearing, the former PRIDE champion reacted to the news on Twitter.

"Those who are trying to take me down, come get it," Silva wrote. "War is just beginning, sons of b-----s."

"They will see that we’re the ones who run this s—t, bunch of playboys." contacted Silva for a comment on his lifetime ban and fine, but the Brazilian fighter did not respond.

The $70,000 fine represents 35 percent of the fight purse Silva was expected to receive for his light heavyweight fight against Chael Sonnen at UFC 175 on July 5.

Silva’s attorney, Ross Goodman argued that NAC had no authority to suspend or fine the MMA fighter since he wasn’t licensed under the commission when he declined to do a random drug test in his gym earlier this year, and they intend to appeal the NAC decision.