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Glover Teixeira plans to dominate Phil Davis, ‘get that f---ing belt’ soon

Alexandre Loureiro, Inovafoto

RIO DE JANEIRO -- Glover Teixeira co-headlines UFC 179 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Oct. 25, and he decided to change a few things for this training camp.

Teixeira had his 20-fight win streak snapped by UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones in his last appearance inside the Octagon in April, and he realized he made the wrong decision in his camp for "Bones."

"I lost the fight, and as soon as I got out (of the Octagon) I knew I had to change a few things in my camp," Teixeira said during a media day recently in Rio. "I’m in there to have fun, win or lose. I will go back to my roots, respect my body and train what I always trained without focusing on what my opponent does instead of worrying about what I have to do."

Teixeira will face another wrestler in Davis when he returns to the cage, but he doesn’t see any similarities between "Mr. Wonderful" and the UFC kingpin.

"Jon Jones is taller, it’s a completely different game," he said. "Jon Jones goes for the takedown on the clinch, while Phil Davis uses more double legs. I think Phil Davis has better takedown combinations than Jones. And I think Phil Davis if going to train hard his boxing skills because he knows it won’t be easy for him. He might even take me down, but he knows it won’t be that easy."

The Brazilian light heavyweight plans to dominate Davis as he did in his five wins under the UFC banner, leaving no room for debate.

"I will keep the pressure as I always do. I’m going to do what I did to Bader, te Huna and Rampage. I’m going to do that," he said.

"I’m going for the finish. It won’t be a close fight. I thought Lyoto won his fight against Phil Davis (at UFC 163), but I didn’t protest because it was a close bout, either could win. I’m going to prove that I won, and I challenge the judge to rob me. It won’t go the distance, but I’d love to see how the judges would give him the win after I clearly win all three rounds, beating his face. They can put his father there as a judge and it won’t help."

Davis’ last three wins came against Brazilians, and Teixeira believes that a win over him is huge for his title aspirations.

"Phil Davis is at the top for a long time, he’s a tough guy, so he’s another step in the division," he said. "I don’t think about Davis, (Daniel) Cormier or other top fighters. I want to fight and beat a top opponent, then fight another top opponent, and then fight for the belt again. This time, I will get that f---ing belt."

Daniel Cormier is up next against UFC champion Jon Jones, but Teixeira is not a believer that the AKA talent will dethrone "Bones" on Jan. 3 in Las Vegas.

"Everyone has a chance, Cormier is a great fighter. He has a chance, but I think it’s tough," he said. "Jon Jones has more qualities."

Alexander Gustafsson and Anthony Johnson are gunning for their shots at the UFC gold, and Teixeira wants Jones to stay at the top until he gets another chance for the title.

"I hope (he stays champion). It would be nice to fight for the title and have my rematch at the same time," he said. "For me, it would be taste better. But if (Jones) loses, I don’t even want to look at his face [laughs]. I just want the title."

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