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Metamoris 4 live blog

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Andre Galvao will face Chael Sonnen in the Metamoris 4 main event Saturday night.
Andre Galvao will face Chael Sonnen in the Metamoris 4 main event Saturday night.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the Metamoris 4 live blog for the Metamoris event at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, Calif.

There will be six fights on the card. Chael Sonnen vs. Andre Galvao, Josh Barnett vs. Dean Lister, Saulo Ribeiro vs. Robert "Comprido" Medeiros, Vinny Magalaghaes vs. Keenan Cornelius, and Gary Tonon vs. Kit Dale will be the featured matches. A secret match will also be contested.

Check out the Metamoris 4 live blog below. Each fight will be contested for one 20-minute round.

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Garry Tonon vs. Kit Dale

Tonon immediately granby rolls into a guard pull. Dale looking for a crossface, but Tonon blocks it. Tonon secures a rightside underhook and tries to pull deep half and moves into a heel hook attempt. Dale seems unimpressed. Dale escapes and stands. Tonon now trying a leftside underhook and gets to a knee, they both stand in a scramble. Tonon secures a snapdown and tries to take Dale's back, but doesn't quite get it. Ends up on his back and sits for a guillotine. It doesn't work. He sits up and stands before dropping to the guillotine again. This time it's tight and Dale rolls to his back to avoid it, but Tonon follows. He re-adjusts again and this time Dale taps to a high elbow guillotine. Impressive control by Tonon.

Garry Tonon def. Kit Dale via guillotine choke

Saulo Ribeiro vs. Robert "Comprido" Medeiros

Ribeiro stuffs a double and now is gripping Comprido's belt over his back. He drops for the sumi gaeshi, but can't get it to work. Ribeiro working the cross lapel grip, but Comprido has a grip on the far leg, which Saulo breaks and stands. Comprido scores with a snapdown from the lapel, but Ribeiro stands. Ribeiro and Comprido now grip fighting for inside lapel control, neither getting much of an advantage.

Comprido tries an x-choke standing, but it doesn't amount to much and Ribeiro breaks the grip. Comprido attempts a collar drag to the single leg, but Ribeiro stuffs it. Ribeiro hits a drop seoi nage and moves into half guard on top. Ribeiro looks to be setting up some form a loop choke, but it doesn't work, so he tries to press forward with the knee cut pass while Comprido uses a gi grip to stand. He uses a grip on Ribeiro's pants to kick the post leg out for a takedown, but Ribeiro stands.

Ribeiro tries another drop seoi, but Comprido stuffs it. Ribeiro pulls guard while Comprido looks for a leg weave, but Ribeiro cross grips and stands. Comprido attempts a mild foot sweep, but it does nothing. Comprido now pulls guard, but Ribeiro is on his knees. Ribeiro tries to stand for the pass and breaks guard, but Comprido goes for an oma plata. Ribeiro moves to the opposite side and passes. As Comprido tries to create space, Ribeiro drives his hips forward and mounts. Comprido hip escapes to quarter mount and pulls deep half enough to hit a waiter sweep. Ribeiro cross grips again and stands.

Comprido pulls guard again and tries for an upa sweep, but uses it as a fake to take the back. Ribeiro moves to half guard as an escape and that's it.

Saulo Ribeiro and Rodrigo Medeiros compete to a draw.

Vinny Magalhaes vs. Keenan Cornelius

Cornelius sits to guard right away and immediately rolls for a heel hook, but Vinny is riding top control with the knee in to disrupt. Now Vinny sits back as the two are locked in 50/50 guard. Cornelius tries to sit up for a back take, but Vinny stuffs it and stands. Cornelius attempts a sweep from De La Riva, but Vinny is back on his feet. Cornelius attempts a reverse De La Riva sweep, but Vinny backs out. Cornelius spins underneath for a number of attacks, too many to live blog, but Cornelius settles on a heel hook that Vinny no sells. Vinny responds with a toe hold that forces Cornelius to roll, but he escapes.

Vinny sits through 50/50 and nearly scores with an inverted heel hook, but somehow Cornelius escapes. Cornelius follows with his own 50/50 heel hook, but it isn't even close. Vinny stands out. Cornelius attempting a series of far side De La Riva sweeps, but Vinny is stuffing them all. Cornelius sits through again to 50/50 and tries for toehold, but Vinny pulls right out.

Cornelius trying a kimura from half guard, but again Vinny backs out. Cornelius works a slow, but successful x-guard sweep and is now working his top passing. Vinny working various De La Riva attacks and Cornelius passes. Vinny tries to roll out and rolls off the mat, but lands on his feet. They re-start on their feet. Cornelius shoots a double and it's stuffed.

Vinny tries to pull guard and Cornelius gives him no space and constantly attempts the pass side to side and gets it, moves to north side. Cornelius slides to knee on belly and then mount. Cornelius moves to knee on belly and moves back into full mount. Vinny appears to be slowing. Cornelius goes for an seems to secure a mounted triangle, transitions to an armbar as Vinny struggles until Vinny escapes! That's it, match over!

Vinny Magalhaes and Keenan Cornelius compete to a draw.

Secret Match: Baret Yoshida vs. Jeff Glover

Glover presents his back and uses it to fake his way into a heel hook, but Yoshida escapes. He does it again, and actually manages a sweep, but Glover lets it go. Both competitors are inverting their way to back takes and leg attacks, but nothing substantial enough to force anything. Yoshida working for a full back take while Glover attempts a toe hold, but it doesn't work and they stand. Yoshida in on a single now trying to pass, but Glover goes shin sweep to reverse position and pass into side control.

Glover rolls through for a triangle, but Yoshida escapes and their back to backwards north-south. Glover does a hand stand and as Yoshida engages, puts Yoshida on his back with a sweep I didn't catch. Yoshida attempt an inverted triangle from Glover's back and can't,but now switches his base to try to come out on top while Glover's legs are tied. Glover wiggles free and now he's basically in side control although Yoshida is still on a hip.

They both stand and separate, but Glover pulls guard and moves to top position as Yoshida sits for an ankle attack that fails. Glover hits an arm drag-single leg trip, but Yoshida stands and Glover pulls butterfly guard. After an extended scramble, Glover goes for a series of knee cut passes, some of which works, but Glover abandons them and he pulls guard. Yoshida looks like he's moving to mount, but Glover slides a knee through and inside arm on the passing knee, which he uses to back out and reverse Yoshida.

Glover does another handstand, which he uses as attempted to go inverted. Yoshida goes reverse De La Riva, but Glover pulls out and they stand.

Glover appears to be slowing and the scrambles are looking more and more similar. Weird match, if we're being honest. Yoshida now on top trying to pass, but Glover granby rolls himself on top and into side control. He drops back for an Achilles lock and stands. Yoshida follows him and he tries to jump into another ankle lock attempt. Yoshida pulls now and Glover tries to alternative between coming up on top and dropping for an ankle. Yoshida frames for a triangle from full guard to end the match.

Baret Yoshida and Jeff Glover compete to a draw.

Josh Barnett vs. Dean Lister

Lister pulls butterfly guard while Barnett slightly backs out looking for the leg weave.  Lister playing half guard, but Barnett has no nearside underhook. Lister looking for a far side arm drag, but Barnett is having none of it. Barnett stands and tries to throw Lister's legs by, but Lister squares his hips. Lister loses guard and Barnett's in side control. Barnett working a cradle, but Lister's left side underhook is still there for a potential escape.

Barnett postures up, which allows Lister to recapture half guard. Barnett stands back out. Lister goes turtle as Barnett tries to run around Lister's guard. Barnett not doing much, until Lister is put in a cradle from side control temporarily. Lister gets his head free, but Barnett is still in side control. Lister rolls to a hip and Barnett tries to grab it for a kimura, but Lister pulls out before Barnett can get anything going. Barnett now actually locks it up a kimura from top side, but Lister nicely times the escape.

Lister is back in turtle and Barnett is on top. Lister trying to granby roll into Barnett, and he's reaching for Barnettt's legs, but can't secure anything. Barnett back in side control. Lister works again for half guard and gets it. Barnett stands back out and Barnett moves right into north-south. Barnett uses a three-quarter stack to move around, but Lister granby rolls into guard, but Barnett passes again into a scarf hold that's a partial crank and choke. Lister taps for the first time in years with 10 seconds left.

Josh Barnett def. Dean Lister via scarf hold (choke/crank)

Chael Sonnen vs. Andre Galvao

Sonnen gets an ankle pick immediately, but Galvao doesn't care and works a half butterfly guard. Sonnen going in and out of Galvao's guard until Galvao locks up closed guard. Sonnen nearly gets his arm locked across his own body, but he removes the arm. The contest is temporarily halted due to a cut over the right eye of Chael Sonnen. Now the contest resumes.

Sonnen driving his palm into Galvao's face and Galvao looking to get to a hip. Sonnen backing out of and into Galvao's guard. Now Galvao has butterfly guard with double underhooks. Galvao trying to get behind Sonnen, but Sonnen holding the whizzer in place, preventing Galvao from coming out on top. Sonnen tries to stand and now Galvao takes his back.

Now Galvao locks up the body triangle. Galvao fighting mightily for the rear naked choke, but Sonnen's nicely hand fighting. Sonnen rolls to a hip, but as he rolls back down, Galvao slides in the choke. Sonnen taps.

Andre Galvo def. Chael Sonnen via rear naked choke