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Morning Report: B.J. Penn has issues with Mike Dolce, clears Jason Parillo's name and contemplates Metamoris

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

In a candid interview with his own website, former UFC welterweight and lightweight champion B.J. Penn discussed his troubling performance against Frankie Edgar at The Ultimate Fighter 19 Finale in July and hinted at issues with nutritionist and weight cut guru Mike Dolce.

"I keep going back about a lot of things," said Penn. "Was it even smart to go down to 145 pounds in the first place? Were you going to have the energy all sucked out, you know? I haven't been to 145 in about 18 years but besides that this whole last year of my life I've been just hanging around 160 pounds, trying to watch my weight after the Rory MacDonald fight. I just wanted to watch my weight for general health for myself and my family, and I just stayed around 160 pounds. So, you know, that's what I sparred at, I sparred at that weight, at 158 pounds, so, you know, that's just how it all went down.

"As far as Mike Dolce goes; I would never hire him again for anything."

Dolce declined to comment to MMA Fighting as to what issues he and Penn may have.

Penn also wanted to recognize his longtime striking coach and cornerman, Jason Parillo. Parillo was criticized for Penn's use of an altered, more upright striking style that proved overwhelmingly ineffective against Edgar.

"I owe it to Jason Parillo to clear his name," said Penn. "He showed up the week of the fight in Vegas to help corner me. He did not train me in any boxing nor did he help with any game planning for the fight. He did not help or give any advice about cutting the weight or rehydrating myself after the weigh-in. He was only there to be a voice in the corner."

Saying he believes he can 'still fight with these guys' while admitting he 'should stay retired,' Penn doesn't seem interested in competing at a grappling event like Metamoris.

"When it comes to the competition aspect of anything I just love the Ultimate Fighting so much," said Penn. "I've been involved with it for so long. I'm just so used to training for a fight, in those ways, you know, it'd be tough to go back to anything else. I'm not totally counting myself out from doing any professional grappling competitions but one thing that would be different is, I wouldn't train at all for it.

"I cannot see myself spending money, bringing people down and this and that, for a grappling competition at this point in my life."



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Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via neonfish.

Has Daniel Cormier ‘pushed' things too far this time?

Coming off the heels of that incredulous media day brawl and a zillion replays of the incident, you may place blame with Jones or Cormier depending on who you are talking to. But having watched the two go about an awkward interview with Kenny Florian on Fox Sports 1 and re-watching the melee one more time, something became very clear to me - there was a strange feeling of deja-vu. Like I'd seen something very similar before except it had gone largely unnoticed.

Let's go back to UFC 170 when Daniel Cormier had to go up against America's favorite barista Patrick Cummins who'd decided to air out some dirty laundry from wrestling practice. At the media stare down, Cummins walked towards Cormier with a cocky smile plastered all over his face and no sooner had they even got close to each other did Cormier decide to put his hands on Cummins shoving him back.


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