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Coach: Chael Sonnen will face Andre Galvao despite NAC’s fine threats

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

The Nevada Athletic Commission tried to get him off the Metamoris 4 main event, but Chael Sonnen has decided to compete anyways.

Chael Sonnen’s jiu-jitsu coach Fabiano "Pega-Leve" Scherner told on Wednesday night that the former UFC middleweight and light heavyweight title challenger had decided to travel to Los Angeles and will battle  Andre Galvao in the main event.

Sonnen is aware that the commission might go after him after the grappling match, Scherner said, but he had no choice but to honor his commitment with Metamoris and compete.

Chael Sonnen failed two random tests over the past months and announced his retirement from MMA. He later announced a grappling match with Galvao at Metamoris, but the commission tried to get him off the card after suspending him for two years.

NAC doesn't have jurisdiction over a grappling event in Los Angeles, but it threatened to fine the MMA fighter if he faces Galvao on the mat. Sonnen’s lawyer Ross C. Goodman sent a couple letters to the commission, but he hasn't gotten a response back. With no official response from the commission, Sonnen has decided to compete.

Metamoris 4 takes place Aug. 9 at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.