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Jon Jones says he owes Alexander Gustafsson 'a severe beating'

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Esther Lin

In the wake of Alexander Gustafsson's knee injury, questions have arisen as to whether the Swedish light heavyweight should remain next in line for a shot at the UFC light heavyweight title, currently held by Jon Jones.

For one thing, the fact Jones' bout with Daniel Cormier isn't for nearly two months could make for an exceptionally long wait for Gustafsson, who has not fought since March. For another, Anthony Johnson is rumbling his way up the rankings.

But as far as the champion is concerned, Gustafsson is the only fight which makes sense next, should Jones defeat Cormier on Sept. 27.

And he doesn't just want to meet him, mind you. Jones feels like he has to make a point the second time around.

"I feel that I have something to prove to the MMA community when it comes to Gustafsson," Jones said. on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour. "I wasn't able to perform to my greatest ability [in their first fight], so I do owe Gustafsson a severe beating."

Jones has heard all the criticism from the first bout between the two. The champ was pushed like he's never been pushed before rallying in the championship rounds to retain his title on a narrow unanimous decision.

Because of those who say Jones didn't deserve the win, he's motivated to put his stamp on the rematch. Jones compared the Gustafsson situation to his well-documented issues with Chael Sonnen.

"I'm excited to silence some critics," Jones said. "You know, the Chael Sonnen situation with UFC 151, beating him after canceling UFC 151 was the greatest feeling I've ever had. I'm excited to have a similar feeling when I official close off the Alexander Gustafsson chapter."