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No UFC 177 paycheck or guarantee of future title fight for Renan Barao

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Esther Lin

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - It doesn't take a deep reading of the tea leaves to figure out Renan Barao is going to have to quite a bit of work to get out of the UFC's doghouse.

The former UFC bantamweight champion will head back to Brazil minus any sort of paycheck after withdrawing from his UFC 177 rematch with T.J. Dillashaw due to weight-cutting issues. And even if he makes weight and wins his next fight at 135 pounds, there's no guarantee a title shot is on the horizon.

They call it "show" money for a reason. You don't show, you don't get paid.

"Barao's not making any money," White said at Saturday night's post-fight press conference at Sleep Train Arena. "I'm not paying Barao for not showing up to fight. "

"There's no excuse for what he did," White added at the post-fight scrum. "There's no excuse for not making weight. But he paid for it. He hurt us, he messed with the show, but, that kid didn't make a paycheck, he's going home with no money. He's going home without a dime. He just paid for a camp, and who knows when he's going to fight again."

That leads to the next question, that of who Dillashaw could fight next after finishing the game Joe Soto on Saturday. There happen to be a couple viable contenders on the horizon fighting over the next six weeks: Former champion Dominick Cruz, who returns after a nearly three-year absence to meet Takeya Mizugaki at UFC 178; and Rafael Assuncao, who holds the last win over Dillashaw. He fights Bryan Caraway in Canada on Oct. 4.

"It's a good problem to have," White said. "Probably whoever doesn't fight TJ will fight Barao, and we'll go from there."

But White emphasized a win for Barao in his next fight doesn't equal a title shot.

"I'm not saying one fight, I'm just saying he's going to have to fight somebody else," White said. "He might have to fight more. We'll see how it plays out."

As for the champ, after one of the nuttiest MMA weeks in recent memory, he doesn't care who he fights next at the moment.

"I hate those questions of ‘Who do you want to fight next?' I don't know, man," he said. "I've just been thinking about one person for the last 10 weeks, and then I had to switch it up last night. Those are the questions I hate the most. I'd rather just have some fun tonight, hang out, and we'll figure it out later."