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Anthony Johnson calls out Alexander Gustafsson: 'Let's give the fans what they wanna see'

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Until now, Anthony Johnson allowed his fists and feet to do his thunderous talking this second UFC stint. But on Wednesday, stuck in limbo without a fight, "Rumble" took to Facebook to lob a challenge towards one of the light heavyweight division's top dogs.

Johnson's target: Alexander Gustafsson.

"@AlexTheMauler I respect you as a fighter but this is business," Johnson wrote. "@danawhite said our fight makes sense. There's nobody left for us to fight plus the fans are begging for us to fight so let's give the fans what they wanna see!"

Gustafsson (16-2), of course, lost his second shot at UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones after suffering a torn meniscus in July. Daniel Cormier is now locked into a fight against Jones in early 2015, due in large part to the enormous swell of pre-fight hype that swallowed the match-up following the pair's melee in Las Vegas.

Gustafsson initially expressed frustration at the UFC's decision to pass over him, insisting that he would sit out and await the winner rather than fighting again. However promotion president Dana White recently told that the Swede may fight again rather than waste away on the shelf. White specifically mentioned Johnson (18-4) as a potential opponent for Gustafsson.