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Morning Report: Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold up the ante with purse wagers and fatherly abuse

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Luke Rockhold is reportedly in talks to face Lyoto Machida later this year, but you'd never know it hearing his back and forth with Michael Bisping. 'The Count' had barely been rid of Cung Le long enough to put on a shirt before picking up his campaign to face Rockhold, who also happened to be cageside for the event in Macao.

"There's an idiot called Luke Rockhold who doesn't stop talking about me," Bisping told Kenny Florian in the Octagon. "I think he has the hots for me, to be honest. Luke Rockhold, you're calling me out. If you want to do it, let's dance. Here I am. I'm going to beat Luke Rockhold and then I'm taking the title. Make no mistake."

Referred to as a 'lanky streak of piss' by Bisping at the event's post fight press conference, Rockhold stoked the fire of the rivalry earlier in the week by offering a friendly wager.

"Bisping is grossly overpaid, comparably to where we are," Rockhold told MMAjunkie. " So, I bet Michael Bisping, if I don't finish you in the first round, you can have my purse. But if I do finish you in the first round, you give me your purse. So if I don't finish you in the first round, whether I beat you in a decision or what, you get both of our purses. But if I do finish you in the first round, we switch purses, and I get yours.

"Let's see if you've got some balls, kid. Bring it."

The feud became a family affair the morning after at breakfast, but the details remain sketchy.

Has the job of a UFC matchmaker ever been so easy? Let the 'Vitor Belfort Fan Club' work this thing out.



'Rough night.' Dana White says he and Nate Diaz starting talking again during a night on the town with the cast of TUF 20. 'We got together in a room, and where he is and where we are, we're not even close.'

UFC 178 is special. Dave Meltzer explains how to market around the weird situation where a card's headliner isn't really its main event, maybe not even co-main. 'It is unheard of in UFC history to have a television undercard fight (Cruz vs. Mizugaki right now is scheduled for the FS 1 prelims, not the pay-per-view), to have equal interest in the pay-per-view main event.'

'A potluck of would-be contenders.' Chuck Mindenhall tries to sort out the UFC's mess of a lightweight division and pick Rafael dos Anjos' next opponent.

Pulled. Acting as the athletic commission in Macao, the UFC removed a judge following two questionable scores.

'Sucking a little less.' Anthony Bourdain explains how training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu along with his wife and daughter has changed his life. "You asked me a couple years back if I would ever train, and I said to you, "Hell no!'" Now, I'm like all of these other sick f**ks out there. If I don't train, I'm like going through drug withdrawal."




Rafael Dos Anjos and Ben Henderson talk post-fight.


Presser highlights from Tulsa and Macao.


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Hector Lombard trying to explain what the hell 'Showeather' is all about.


The gas station clerk takes care of business again.

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Long watches.

Countdown to UFC 177: Dillashaw vs Barao



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Victory lap.


Better luck next time.

(Each climb there is a descent, the climb is difficult :( Thanks for all the support.)


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Kabib knows.


Get well soon.


All set.


It's gone.


Brian Ortega apologizes.


All good?


I think she got her.



Announced this weekend (Aug. 22-24 2014)

Daniel Straus vs. Justin Wilcox at Bellator 127

Damon Jackson vs. Yancy Medeiros at UFC 177



Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via Sashimi90210.

Sunday Morning Retort

The Post-Ben Henderson is greater than the sum of the Lightweight Divisions parts save Anthony Pettis is upon us.

Finally, after a continuous onslaught of truly deplorable criminal allegations and a constant stream of steroid outings, a high level MMA bout was contested on FS1 where the chaotic nature of cage fighting stole the limelight back away from the darkest corners of sports culture. Amidst real and perceived over-saturation, watered down cards, and a seemingly endless army of armchair Bocek's declaring the sport so dirty that we should just accept the 90% and move on, the UFC was able to give us a fight of consequence.

Recently, there has been a lot of stories that have continuously ask us, as fans, why we watch. A steady stream of ammunition delivered to those whose only aim is to dig deep enough to cover the sports detractors has littered sites like this one, and, finally, finally we have a result to point to that says, "this is why we watch". Henderson, one of the sports premier athletes (whether you like it or not), entered the fight with, according to many, multiple routes to victory before being led astray by a knee and a left. Then, even after such a surprising defeat, Bendo sums up the last few weeks for us fans in one simple statement, "You have the ups and downs. You have to take the good with the bad. That's the way it goes sometimes."


Check out the rest of the post here.


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