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Manager: Gray Maynard intends to continue his fighting career

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Esther Lin

If you watched Gray Maynard get finished by Ross Pearson last weekend and decided this was something you don't want to see anymore, you weren't alone.

The second-round TKO marked the fourth time the 35-year-old Maynard has been finished by strikes in his past five fights, and the MMA Twitterverse was instantly flooded with comments from fans, media, and fellow fighters suggesting it's time the lightweight competitor calls it a career.

But with a few days to think things over, Maynard plans to solder on. On Wednesday's edition of UFC Tonight,'s Ariel Helwani reported that Maynard's manager, Dave Martin, indicates Maynard will look to continue his fighting career.

Maynard will soon have neurological tests done in South Dakota, but intends on continuing his career and hopes to speak to UFC president Dana White about his situation, Martin says.

Maynard was undefeated before he came within a hair's breadth of winning the UFC lightweight title in a pair of brutal 2011 fights with then-champ Frankie Edgar. The first bout finished in a draw and the second in a fourth-round KO loss, which kicked off Maynard's stretch of knockout losses.