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Cage Warriors institutes 'bounty' bonus structure

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Dolly Clew

The European-based Cage Warriors promotion is adding a new element to its fight night bonus structure.

According to CWFC CEO Graham Boylan, the promotion will award $2,000 (USD) to any fighter who ends his fight via any of these finishes:

1. Head kick knockout
2. Twister
3. Knee bar
4. Heel hook
5. Gogoplata
6. Flying knee knockout
7. Superman punch knockout
8. Gone in 60 seconds (KO)
9. Spinning knockout
10. Slam knockout

Boylan dubbed the new bonus structure a "bounty," and they will be in addition to their already-in-place Fight, Knockout and Submission of the Night bonuses. The new bounty bonus system goes into effect beginning with Saturday's CWFC 70 event. first reported the news.

CWFC 70, headlined by Joseph Duffy (pictured) vs. Damien Lapilus, takes place at the Helix in Dublin, Ireland.