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'Dog the Bounty Hunter' now trying to track down War Machine

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Charley Gallay, Getty Images

Reality TV star Duane 'Dog' Chapman, who starred on the "Dog the Bounty Hunter" television show, is officially on the hunt for War Machine, who has been on the run since early Friday morning after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, adult entertainer Christy Mack, and an unknown person.

Chapman gave Machine (formerly Jon Koppenhaver) a 24-hour deadline to turn himself in, but after the former Bellator fighter decided not to, 'Dog' is trying to bring him to justice with his cameras in tow for his new series "Dog and Beth: On the Hunt."

Chapman told MMA Mania on Tuesday why he decided to get involved in the search for War Machine.

I have friends in the MMA world, so you know how that goes. If it's something that happens in your domain or area of expertise then you know what's going on. We heard about it right away. And there was a couple of people who requested that we get involved so, that's what I do for a living. That's how we actually first found out about it. It took awhile for the seven warrants, or whatever it is, to be on paper and be issued. I can't pull the trigger until [those] are out there. Once everything was entered into the system, we could do our thing.

War Machine's arrest warrants are for one count battery resulting in substantial bodily harm, one count battery by strangulation, two counts battery with substantial bodily harm, one count open and gross lewdness, one count assault with deadly weapon, and one count coercion/threat with force.

According to a statement made by Mack on Monday, Machine allegedly broke into her house in the early hours Friday, August 8, assaulted an unnamed victim, then viciously beat Mack, resulting in a litany of injuries that included 18 broken bones, several missing or broken teeth, and a ruptured liver.