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Andre Galvao open to grappling match with Josh Barnett after win over Chael Sonnen


Chael Sonnen ignored Nevada Athletic Commission’s fine threats and went on with his grappling match with Andre Galvao at Metamoris 4, and the night didn’t end well for the UFC veteran.

Galvao, a two-time ADCC winner and two-time jiu-jitsu world champion, showed why he’s the world’s best grappler and tapped the wrestler with a rear-naked choke 14 minutes into the no-gi match on Saturday night in Los Angeles.

"It was exactly as I expected it to be," Galvao told "I knew he would be waiting for the time to run out. I don’t think he surprised me with anything. I’ve trained with a lot of wrestlers and many MMA fighters before, and I know their games are exactly like that. He’d be there, laying and praying. It’s annoying, but you need to be cool and be patient."

Sonnen immediately took Galvao down when the match started. Galvao patiently worked his guard for 13 minutes. As soon as he swept Sonnen, and took his back, it was over.

"Winning in 10 seconds, 14 minutes or in the final seconds, it wouldn’t matter to me. I expected everything," he said. "He could even get the draw, but I wouldn’t let that happen. I had 20 minutes to work, and that’s what I did. When I found a good position, I submitted him. Jiu-jitsu is like a chess match."

Metamoris crowned their first champion with Josh Barnett submitting Dean Lister in the co-main event, and Galvao would welcome a title match at Metamoris 5.

"I would like to have a Metamoris belt. It would be cool," he said. "It’s up to the promoters. I’m here, and I’m ready. If they want it, I’m in. It would be great. I don’t choose opponents. I never did this in my life, I never said I want this or that guy. I would face anyone they want."

If Metamoris doesn’t want to create another title for now, Galvao would love to move up to heavyweight and battle Barnett.

"I would love to do it," he said, "no problem at all."

After his win, Galvao had dinner with his family and Anderson Silva. The former UFC middleweight champion, who cheered for Galvao on the front row, helped the jiu-jitsu star with tips minutes before the no-gi match.

"Anderson was there because I invited him. I asked him to go there and give me some help," Galvao said. "He enjoyed it. He helped me warming up and everything. We spoke, worked on some strategies. After all, he fought Sonnen twice. It was great to have him there, giving some tips during the match."

Silva is scheduled to return to the Octagon on Jan. 31 against former Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz, and Galvao, who has trained with "The Spider" in the past, is open to help him for his return at UFC 183.

"If he needs my help and my schedule allows, I would definitely do it," he said. "I want to see him at the top.

"It will be a good fight. I think it’s going to be interesting. Nick is a great opponent," he continued. "He knows how to promote the fight. He’s very talented and well-rounded. It’s going to be a great fight, the return of ‘Spider’ Silva. I believe it’s going to be a standup war, and my brother ‘Spider’ will win, of course."

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