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Dana White: Chael Sonnen is 'laying low' right now

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

LAS VEGAS – After a morning Q&A in which Chael Sonnen's name came up several times from fans wondering when he'll be coming back, his name came up again in the media scrum after UFC 175.

Sonnen was fired from FOX for testing positive for EPO and HGH while training for his match with Vitor Belfort, a fight that was supposed to happen this weekend. That positive test came on the heals of having tested positive for other banned substances (anti-estrogen medications anastrozole and clomiphene) that scrapped the fight from UFC 175 and prompted his on-air retirement.

Since then Sonnen has been silent on the whole thing.

When White was asked what's going on with Sonnen, the UFC president said he's staying out the limelight for now.

"He's laying low man," White said. "He's apologized, and he's going to live his life, and he's doing his thing up [in Oregon]. I asked him, I said Chael, do you have any money? And he said, 'I have every dollar you ever sent me.' I said good for you, man. Because that's a lot of money."

When asked if he was still under contract with the UFC, White confirmed that he is, meaning that Sonnen won't be cropping up in a different promotion anytime soon.

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