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UFC 175 undercard live blog: Faber vs. Caceres, More

Urijah Faber and Alex Caceres headline the UFC 175 undercard Saturday.
Urijah Faber and Alex Caceres headline the UFC 175 undercard Saturday.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

LAS VEGAS – This is the UFC 175 undercard live blog for the UFC 175 event at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.

There will be six fights on the UFC 175 undercard. Urijah Faber vs. Alex Caceres, Kenny Robertson vs. Ildemar Alcantara, Chris Camozzi vs. Bruno Santos, George Roop vs. Rob Font, Luch Zachrich vs. Guilherme Vasconcelos, and Kevin Casey vs. Bubba Bush will be featured on the prelims.

Check out the UFC 175 undercard live blog below.

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Kevin Casey vs. Bubba Bush
Round 1: Alright, we're live from Vegas. First fight underway. Huge left hook from Casey rocks Bush, and he drops. Casey pounces and is trying to lay leather, but Bush ties him up from his back and reels him close. Casey dropping short elbows to Bush's temple, and one, two, three, four violent elbows and it's over! Wow. Violent stuff from Casey. Made quick work of Bush.

UFC 175 official results: Kevin Casey def. Bubba Bush via TKO (elbows) at 1:01 of R1

Luke Zachrich vs. Guilherme Vasconcelos

Round 1: Mario Yamasaki is the referee. He makes the heart shape with his hands, and here we go. Zachrich didn't want to touch gloves. Good combo from Zachrich, as the fighters gauge each other. Zachrich keeping the center, and finally Vasconcelos comes in with a kick. No good, misses. Good combo again from Zachrich up top, second one landed flush. A lot of one-two's from the Columbus native Zachrich; right now Vasconcelos tentative. Counter there from Vasconcelos lands, and that forces Zachrich back. Zachrich continuing to move, coming in with one-twos and peeling around. Nice exchange there, as Vasconcelos again slammed a nice counter right home. Vasconcelos shaking his head in agreement and smiling after a little sally from Zachrich. There's some redness on his face. Nice set of left jabs there from Zachrich, each one of them landing. He's showing his boxing skills; no sooner do I write that and Vasconcelos lands a high kick that put a little disbelief on Zachrich's face. First round in the books. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Zachrich, 10-9.

Round 2: Back at it, and Vasconcelos this time to center. High kick lands from the Brazilian, and Zachrich counters with a low kick. Brief exchange along fence and Vasconcelos came over top with a left hand that lands. Overhand right from the circling Vasconcelos lands, and Zachrich rolls out. He lands a short left which makes Vasconcelos off-balance, and he hits the floor for moment before bouncing back up. Zachrich continuing to strafe from range with that jab, and it's finding a home. Nice short right to the body from Zachrich, could hear the hollow from press row. Didn't seem to affect Vasconcelos too much, though. Zachrich plants as Vasconcelos comes forward and rips off a nice combination standing in the pocket. Zachrich the crisper fighter on the feet thus far. But right there Vasconcelos wins an exchange with a flurry to the head. A little blood trickling from Zachrich's eye, as the crowd stirs to life a little bit. Body kick from Vasconcelos as the round ends, but Zachrich caught it. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Zachrich, 10-9 (20-18 overall).

Round 3: Final round underway. Crowd let's up an encouragement cheer. It's Vasconcelos charging forward, and left clubs Zachrich with a right to the body. Vasconcelos comes in for a takedown, but Zachrich pretty easily brushes him aside. A strong shot there momentarily drops Vasconcelos, but he stands right back up smiling. Again, Zachrich with a jab to hook combo, this time with a leg kick at the end. Vasconcelos standing in, though, and lands a straight right hand. Both guys are getting their offense in quick bursts. Vasconcelos seems to be surveying a little bit, trying to set up a big shot. A bird call comes in from the stands.Heavy left hand from Zachrich, who is changing levels. Good movement for most of the fight from Zachrich. While bobbing in weaving that time Vasconcelos hones in on him with an uppercut; that was effective. And now he initiates with a combo and lands the uppercut clean again. Headkick by Vasconcelos is blocked, but there's a sense of urgency at the end here from the Brazilian. Might be too little too late. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Vasconcelos 10-9 (29-28 overall for Zachrich)

UFC 175 official results: Luke Zachrich def. Guilherme Vasconcelos via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

George Roop vs. Rob Font
Round 1: They touch them up. Push kick from the length Roop, but Font catches it. Font ducks in and comes in throwing heat, but can't close range enough on Roop. Quick left jabs from Roop, and then he comes up top with a kick. Not a lot landing early. Now they tangle up on the fence, but they break. Left jab from the long-armed Roop is landing, and he's snapping them with volume when he throws. Whoa! Font crack Roop with a big right hand and Roop got woozy, and sort of just fell over. Huge right hand from Font, exploded on the side of Roop's head. A quick follow-up on the ground and it's all over. Font very patient in landing that shot, and he sprung hell on Roop.

UFC 175 official results: Rob Font def. George Roop via TO (punch) at 2:19 of R1

Chris Camozzi vs. Bruno Santos
Round 1: Mario Yamasaki is the third man. Santos the righty and Camozzi the southpaw. They are both trying to gauge the other right now, but Camozzi  is a bit more the aggressor early. He comes in with an overhand right, and retaliating, Santos throws one himself. That might have grazed Camozzi; he smiled and stuck his tongue out. Patty-cake at center, both with his strong arm coiled. Push kick from Camozzi, and he comes forward and lands a nice left right down the boulevard on Santos that rocked him. Right after the sequence, Santos grabs Camozzi and ties him up on fence. They stay there for 15 seconds before Camozzi is able to roll out. Again, Santos pushes forward, and leans his weight into Camozzi on fence, trying to take him down. So far Camozzi won't budge. Santos trying for a trip, yet Camozzi shucks him off. He's fending, while Yamasaki looks on. Rounds going to end in that tussle on fence, with Santos trying to throw Camozzi and yet the Colorado fighter not moving. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Camozzi, 10-9.

Round 2:
Santos blew out some contents of his nose in front of press row, and we're back at it. Camozzi keeping his right hand out to maintain distance, but Santos ain't having it. He moves in, drops levels just as Camozzi throws a knee and finally dumps Camozzi to the canvas. Now Santos is in Camozzi's guard. Very little space so far, as the fighters pivot. Still, Santos is staying busy. He's landing shots from the guard, and Camozzi is trying to answer with upswung elbows. Yamasaki is lurking over the action. Now Santos moves into side control, and has Camozzi in some trouble here. Looked like he might be fishing out a D'arce, but Camozzi recovers back to half-guard. Again, Santos trying to pass, but now he's in Camozzi's full guard, back to where we started. He once again advances to side control and is using his frame. Camozzi able to stand up in that moment, and the crowd lets out a roar...but right back down they go. Santos staying busy, and Camozzi frustrated on canvas as round ends. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Santos, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

Round 3:
Santos has a small cut, it appears, from the elbows Camozzi was throwing from the ground. Back at it. Big thudding shot from Santos to Camozzi's body, but he just shakes his head. It's Camozzi still trying to initiate here. He comes in with a nice left, but eats a counter for his effort. A couple of decent jabs from Camozzi, but he's paying attention not to get taken down. Santos shoots in and gets Camozzi on the fence, lifts him up and as he's slamming him Camozzi grabs top of fence. He's warned, but now he's on his back again. Santos working to improve position, and Camozzi threatens a kimura. Now he uses that leverage to scoot to his butt. He can't get all the way up, though. Santos keeps him defending on fence. Finally Camozzi back up, and crowd lets out a roar. Big shots on both sides, and as Camozzi comes in with a knee he gets dumped down again. That knee has gotten him into trouble with Santos, who is outmuscling Camozzi. This fight will end with Camozzi on his back, trying to land from bottom. MMA Fighting scores R3 for  Santos 10-9 (29-28 for Santos overall)

UFC 175 official results: Bruno Santos def. Chris Camozzi via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Kenny Robertson vs. Ildemar Alcantara

Round 1: Robertson comes in with lunging combination, and ties Alcantara on fence. He's hugging him there, and landing knees to his thighs. They roll around the cage, and Robertson still got his bear hug, looking for takedown and doing footstomps. Now he spins Alcantara around and dumps him on his back, landing in his guard. He goes to work there, landing some shots with short punches and elbows He postures up and drops a big right hand. Alcantara trying to keep him close, but right now he's only delaying the punches to his face. More of the same. Robertson keeping busy, and he's breaking free enough of the Alcantara shackles to lands elbows. Again, Robertson postures up, but he can't create much space. The most effective thing Alcantara is doing right now is forcing a stalemate; but Robertson will finish out the round landing shots from the top position. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Robertson, 10-9.

Round 2:
They touch them up again. Big head kick lands from Alcantara. Didn't rock Robertson back, though, and they engage again in the middle. Another high kick attempt from Alcantara, this one was blocked. Alcantara tries to blast home a knee, but Robertson caught it and pushed him back. Robertson lunges forward waving punches towards Alcantara but nothing landing. Nice little right hand from Alcantara as he kept Robertson at range, but Robertson comes in and gets the takedown.This time he has Alcantara's back, and from his knees he's wailing away with hammerfists. Alcantara able to stand, and lands a good knee as he does. Robertson grabs a very no-nonsense single leg and drives Alcantara to his back, and once again goes to work. This time he gets mount, and he's dropping punches in on Alcantara. Alcantara bucks, and quells the barrage momentarily. Robertson still in mount. He separates and lands a couple of big shots before Alcantara snatches him back close. Robertson is all offense right now, and he transitions into a kimura. Can't get it, and so delivers a series of elbows. Slow elbows through the defensive forearms of Alcantara, like man pumping ale. But the round ends with Alcantara in the familiar vulnerable position of fending off the attack. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Robertson, 10-9 (20-18 overall).

Round 3: Final round, and once again Robertson offers to touch them up. Alcantara does, and they wheel around. Nice standing elbow from quarters lands on Alcantara's chin. Alcantara throws a lazy left, and Robertson ducks under it and drives him to the fence. Looks like Alcantara caught a shot in the groin, though, with a knee, and Robertson it told to move to neutral corner while he recovers. Crowd lets out an empathetic "ooooh" at the replay. Alcantara says he's ready after a minute, and we're back to it. Simultaneous knees nearly collide at center. Robertson still the aggressor, and he has Alcantara on his heels. He drops for a double-leg, but Alcantara sprawls, and once again there's a low blow and Alcantara drops down in wincing pain. Robertson peddles over to the opposite side, arms akimbo. Another kick to the groin...maybe a shin. Again, the crowd voices its vicarious moan. They are back at it though. Alcantara is tough. So far, though, he doesn't have a lot to offer against Robertson, and he has the added trepidation of the takedown. He's still trying to hammer Robertson with his left, though. This time, as Robertson comes in Alcantara trips him very slowly to the ground. Robertson able to reverse, and here we go again -- Robertson on top, landing shots. Robertson has dominated this fight, and he continues to do that in the final minute. Short elbows from Alcantara's guard, and the occasional hard fist when he creates enough space. He's working the rib region now, too. Referee stands them up as things stall, and Alcantara comes to life finally in the last ten seconds, pushing Robertson down and ending with a couple of shots on the ground. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Robertson, 10-9 (30-27 overall).

UFC 175 official results: Kenny Robertson def. Ildemar Alcantara via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)

Urijah Faber vs. Alex Caceres
Round 1: Crowd let up a roar for "The California Kid." Herb Dean makes his first appearance tonight as the third man. They touch them up. Faber comes running in with a right hand, but can't score it. Caceres goes for a kick, and Faber grabs his leg and spins him down. Right back up. Now they swing around the post, and Faber pressuring there, trying to pry him off there. Faber relentless so far, and he shoots in for takedown. Caceres somersaults out, but it only stalls the inevitable, as Faber pursues. He had Caceres down on his back, now, and he goes to work from Leeroy's guard. So far Faber swarming; in the dominant position he's not methodical. Landing from in the guard, while Caceres crowds him from his back and returns elbows. Dogged pressure from Faber. He's driving Caceres along the fence, landing hard shots during the journey. Caceres simply unable to get up. Dean watches closely. Short punches from Faber to Caceres's ribcage and kidney area. As Faber gets up and tries to come in with something big, Caceres trying to stick him with upkicks...and one of them lands. They scramble at the end of the round, but that was Faber's. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Faber, 10-9

Round 2: Caceres gets rocked with a lunging punch, and he rolls along the cage a little unsteady. Before he knows what's happening Faber is back on him, dropping him to the ground. Back to dominant position from the relentless Faber, who goes to work in his guard. He postures up for space, and Caceres able to stand up. Wild sequence. Caceres lands an uppercut that woke Faber up a bit. That let up a road in the crowd. This action is spring-loaded, too furious to keep up with. Faber momentarily trips Caceres to the ground, but the spry Bruce Leeroy is able to bounce back to his feet. Now Faber rolls into him on the fence, and dumps him down. Can't keep him there.  Caceres back up. Faber's nose bloody from that uppercut. High kick from Caceres is blocked. Nice kick from Caceres lands again on Faber's chin, and he does a 360º leg kick that also lands. Big time slam along the fence from Faber, and it's loud in the building. Caceres, though, right back up. What a fun fight. Caceres sizing Faber up with space, but Faber knows better than to fool with it. He clashes back into Caceres and back to the fence they go. The round ends in toil on the fence. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Faber, 10-9 (20-18 overall)

Round 3: Final round. They touch them up, and Caceres bounces. Faber puts his head down and charges in, this time catching a couple of pole vault jabs. Caceres now pushes the action to the fence, and ties Faber up...not for long, as Faber rolls out. Faber catches a low kick from Caceres and immediately drives him hopping to the ground. He gets 's back! This could be it...he has a tight rear naked choke. And, through gritted teeth, Caceres taps. Wow!

UFC 175 official results: Urijah Faber def. Alex Caceres via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:09 of R3

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