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Jon Jones 'ninja' message to Daniel Cormier: 'I hope you're ready to come to daddy'

Esther Lin

Jon Jones has been known to behave in a passive-aggressive manner on social media.

And according to his new Sept. 27 foe, Daniel Cormier, the UFC light heavyweight champion appears to have struck again.

Cormier, who was just announced as a replacement for Alexander Gustafsson in the main event of UFC 178 in Las Vegas, made his first public comments on the fight on Wednesday's edition of UFC Tonight.

And according to the unbeaten former Strikeforce tourney winner, Jones left him some choice words via Twitter direct message.

"Let me tell you a little something on Jon Jones," Cormier said. "He's a ninja on a number of levels. I don't follow Jon Jones on Twitter, but somehow he was able to send me a direct message ...  The direct message said ‘I hope you're ready to come to daddy.'"

Cormier later followed by posting an Instagram photo of the exchange, including his NSFW reply which stated, "I am. I am going to f*** you up."

Meanwhile, it wasn't until this morning that Cormier found out he was going to be offered the slot in place of the injured Gustafsson. Cormier said he got a text message from UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta at 6:45 AM West Coast time, was offered the fight when he returned the call, and accepted after consulting with his coaches.

"There's always going to be hesitation," Cormier said. "When you get a title fight you want to get three months to prepare, but if my coaches came to me and told me you have to beat Jon Jones in five weeks I would do it."

By leaking the news of the Twitter skirmish, Cormier appears to be attempting some gamesmanship, but he insists he can't get into the champion's head.

"I don't think I'm in his head," Cormier said. "Jon Jones has dealt with number of issues when it come to guys fighting. Him and Rashad Evans. He dealt with the issues with Rashad. Those two were longtime friends and they fell out and he got through that. I don't think anything I can say to Jon Jones will affect him."

Jones has not yet commented.

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