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Dana White on Chael Sonnen: 'It's one of those hard decisions you gotta make'

Esther Lin

UFC president Dana White has broken his silence on the Chael Sonnen situation.

While the UFC issued an official statement on Monday -- announcing that the company and FOX Sports were cutting TV ties with Sonnen, who failed his second Nevada Athletic Commission drug test in less than a month -- White himself had not spoken directly on the situation.

On FOX Sports 1 on Tuesday, White spoke on the matter, saying it wasn't easy to end Sonnen's TV job with the UFC and FOX.

"You know, its never easy making decisions like this," White said. "You know, Chael is a person I personally care about, I know a lot of people at FOX care about him too. The guy had four banned substances in his system. Four banned substances in his system leading up to a fight here in Las Vegas.

"It's a tough one," White said. "It's one of those hard decisions you gotta make. It was definitely a hard one. It was something we had to do."

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