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BJJ world champion Bia Mesquita challenges Ronda Rousey

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Guilherme Cruz

Ronda Rousey might have an opportunity to prove her point.

In a recent interview on The Great MMA Debate podcast, Rousey said "judo fighters that are good on the ground never really got the respect they deserved" and that she "can beat any BJJ girl in the world, gi or no-gi, any weight division, black belt all the way in any rule setting."

The current lightweight and open class jiu-jitsu world champion, Bia Mesquita heard her quotes and wants to challenge the UFC bantamweight champion.

"She’s completely wrong," Mesquita told "She has no idea of what is like to fight a jiu-jitsu world champion in the black belt division."

Mesquita weighs around 141 pounds during jiu-jitsu competition and was willing to move to MMA only for a chance to defeat Rousey.

"I already considered moving to MMA only to get her, but I don’t have to think about it anymore since she’s willing to compete in a jiu-jitsu match," she said. "I think she gets too much credit and is not even that good. Her striking is regular, and she has a lot to improve on the ground. It would be great to fight her and show what a real ground game and jiu-jitsu are."

Rousey (9-0, 8 submissions) takes on jiu-jitsu black belt Alexis Davis at UFC 175 on July 5, but another armbar finish won’t impress Mesquita. Competing against world-class grapplers is a different challenge, according to the Brazilian grappler.

"I think it would be tough for her to surprise me or any other world champion in the black belt," she said. "It’s a whole other technical level. It goes way beyond that armbar she does to girls that are inexperienced on the ground. But a fight is a fight, who knows what could happen."

Metamoris 4 will feature UFC stars Chael Sonnen and Josh Barnett on Aug. 9 in L.A., and Mesquita feels it’s the perfect platform for her challenge.

"It would be great if Metamoris could put up this challenge. Nobody would miss it," she said. "It would be an honor to represent the female jiu-jitsu (against Rousey). I would also stop this talk that she’s unbeatable."

"I would rather fight her with the gi, but I’m a three-time no-gi world champion in the brown/black belt," Mesquita added. "Whatever she wants, gi or no-gi, under Metamoris rules or any other rule, I’m ready to take this challenge and honor jiu-jitsu."

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