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‘Pitbull’ Freire suspects Pat Curran's injury isn't that serious

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Featherweight champion Pat Curran was forced out of a rematch with two-time tournament winner Patricio Freire on June 6 with a calf injury, and the Brazilian is pissed at the champion.

"It sounds normal to me because a fighter can get injured during a camp," Freire told "I also got hurt a few times. I think Pat Curran did the right thing if he doesn’t feel 100 percent for the fight, but it pisses me off because it’s the third time he postponed a fight with me."

"Pitbull", who went 4-0 after a split decision loss to Curran in 2013, is also not convinced the champion really had to postpone his fight.

"If you ask if I suspect (he’s really hurt), of course I do," he said. "Come on, really? Calf injury? I don’t know if it’s a serious injury, but he decided to pull out. I hope he comes back 100 percent so he doesn’t have excuses after he fights me."

Bellator could have created an interim title like they did when Attila Vegh, Eduardo Dantas and Eddie Alvarez got injured, but that’s not what "Pitbull" wants.

"I rather wait for Pat Curran," he said. "This fight was postponed several times and I would have to wait longer to fight him if they created an interim title. It’s going to taste better to win the title in a rematch against Curran. That’s the fight I want.

"They told me they want to do this fight in July, but it’s not a done deal yet," he continued. "It might be at the end of the month, but we have to wait for Curran."