Throwback! How to get pumped for BellatorMMA 121

I'm baaaaack! With yet another break down of the event. Only gonna do the main card cause I don't have that much time right now, I will highlight the undercard fights to keep an eye on.

Bellator 121 was decimated by injuries, zayats, beltran, and Curran (curran vs pitbull 2 reportedly moved to 123 yet to be confirmed) all had to pull out, thus this card ending up how it is today. There is no real 'wow' fights but they're sure to be entertaining. We got some Pride stars on here as well as well as some very good prospects.

Main card:

Eric Prindle vs James Thompson: To the casual this fight doesn't make sense, to the hardcore it doesn't make much sense either, but I'll try to spin it. James Thompson(19-14-1NC) is on a 5 fight win streak. I don't count that bs No contest to Mariusz and if you do then he's still on a 3 fight win streak. Defeating the 5x worlds strongest man and Polish powerhouse Mariusz Pudzainowski 2 times clearly. After that finished Bob Sapp as well as beat the beast Bobby Lashley in a highly contested bout where many though Lashley won. Personally I would really like that fight to happen again, but that's besides the point. Eric Prindle(8-5-1nc) is a former title contender but now he's regulated to build em up guy( ala Peter Graham, javy ayala). He always throws and put on exciting fights but that's all he is here. To build up James Thompson who appears to be "back" has looked excellent in his last few and is in really good shape, looking to make an impact in this hw division.

Breakdown: Thompson clearly has something left in the tank, we'll see how bad Prindle really wants to compete here, He has the power to ko Thompson and Thompson will undoubtedly stand with him but I just don't see Thompson not winning this fight. He'll mix it up well standing and take it to the ground if he wants to.

Prediction: James Thompson Decision

LHW tourney Semi Final Phelipe Lins(8-0) vs Austen Heidlage(6-1): Despite Heidlage's record he really isn't that good. I'ma tell you that right now. He's pretty good on the ground but there are serious flaws in his standup. Props to him for stepping up but he's facing the top ranked LHW prospect since 2012 he better bring it. Heidlage has has shown a tendency to get caught in the stand up. he throws kicks from awkward angles rushes in the wrong way, I'm not trying to trash the guy I'm just being real here. Outside of that he has serious ground skills but so does Lins. You what else Lins has? Serious KO power. SO if you're tuning into this card for a violent finish look no further.

Breakdown: Heidlage is undoubtedly going to take this to the ground as soon as possible, but with Lins that's a tall task. I see heidlage running in like he tends to do and getting absolutely blasted by one of Lins' shots.

Prediction: Phelipe Lins 1st round KO

LHW feature fight Rameau Sokoudjou(14-12) vs Terry Davinney (10-7) This fight is a real toss up. Rameau exploded onto the scene back in pride when he KO'd Nog since then it's been a mixed bag of results. he'll always have that power. He has some solid wins but like Davinney he dropped his last 2 unlike Davinney they were to two top Russian HW contenders. Devinney made his return to mma early this year after stopping top TUF19 contender Matt van Buren in just 19 seconds. Losing to Travis wuiff and ray lopez. Down guys like to stand and trade we'll see how this goes.

Breakdown. Ramaeu has a conceivable edge in the stand up and ground game but he's been finished in his last two so these fight might come to a stalemate. I think the fighters might trade serious heat in the beginning of the fight but all in all end up picking their shots and ending in a decision. Hope I'm wrong but

Prediction: Rameau Sokoudjou decision

LHW tourney quarterfinals Egidijus Valavicius (26-10) vs Carlos Eduardo(11-3): Valavicius is a true all around mixed martial artist all around good skills. On a 2 fight win streak finishing his Bellator debut in just 48 seconds. He's getting up there in age and his time for a title run is now. Carlos Eduardo recently had a 9 fight win streak snapped by fellow tourney challenger Rodney Wallace in a close decision. Eduardo has pretty good stand up but he is better on the ground. This fight should be very competitive.

Breakdown: Look for these guys to trade early. Picking their shots but throwing with power. I expect there to be some nice scrambles and it be a very competitive fight. Eduardo might look for the takedown and grind him out for a round but valavicius is very capable of catching him in a sub off his back. All in all I think this is a great fight and both fighters will showcase all their skills.

Prediction: Egidijus Valavicius decision

Undercard fights/fighters to watch for

Lhw quarter final Rodney Wallace vs Kelly Anundson: Anundson shocked most people by absolutely dominated Volkon in his bellator debut Rodney Wallace is on a 2 fight win streak and looking to keep it going. Both fighters are pretty equal in skill set but i'll give the standup edge to Wallace. Predcition: Rodney Wallace Decision

Ray Sloan (6-0) LHW He isn't ready to fight the big dogs yet still needs a couple years to be built up luckily they have that time to do so. He's an interesting prospect and it will be fun to watch him grow with Bellator and the sport.

Steve Garcia 3-0 BW defeated wrestling star shawn bunch in his Bellator debut. Guy has a lot of promise def one to look out for.

the undefeated Cuban at 170 pounds Guillermo Ayme (6-0) this dudes good, def tune into his fight

Bubba McDaniel is also on the undercard. As well as a MW clash Between Cortez coleman and Joe Vedepo which should be a good one.

That's all I have for you today. Thanks for reading. Discuss.