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Wanderlei Silva happy to ‘say the truth,' wants fight with Chael Sonnen or Vitor Belfort

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Wanderlei Silva was relieved to finally tell his side of the story.

Silva appeared in front of the Nevada Athletic Commission on Tuesday to talk about an incident on May 24, when he ran away from a member of the commission who went to his gym to collect urine for a random drug test that eventually caused his removal from the UFC 175 card.

Silva not only confessed he ran from the drug test, but he also confirmed he did it because he was taking illegal substances. On Thursday, the former PRIDE champion released a video explaining his decision to take diuretics and why he avoided the drug test.

"I am relieved to have solved this problem," Silva said. "We explained to them the circumstances and that I was not using any PEDs. I injured my wrist in February and after that I felt extreme pain in training, so I was prescribed an anti-inflammatory that made me swell up, so then I started taking diuretics to expel the water out."

"When they sent that guy to my gym I was still taking diuretics, and when you fail a test people don't want to know if it was diuretics or steroids," he continued. "I don't use PEDs or steroids, I have never used it and I've never had any problems in that area. I have never failed a test before. I have nothing to hide and I am glad we solved this."

Alongside with his lawyer Dr. Ross Goodman, Silva said he feels "happy to clarity things and say the truth."

"I was very happy to solve this situation," he said. "Dr. Ross Goodman did a good job explaining what happened. I was happy to clarify things and say the truth."

There is no word yet if Silva will have any problem when he attempts to get licensed in Nevada, but he’s already targeting a fight in the UFC against Chael Sonnen, who was suspended at the same NAC meeting, or Vitor Belfort, who has yet to ask for a license after the testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) ban and failing a random test in February.

"Now I'm waiting for Sonnen’s suspension to end or Belfort to get licensed," Silva said. "Let's go to the next. I will keep training 100 percent."