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Demetrious Johnson vs. Ali Bagautinov full fight video highlights

Watch Demetrious Johnson vs. Ali Bagautinov full fight video highlights from UFC 174's main event above, courtesy of ESPN.

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UFC 174 took place June 14, 2014 at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada. UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson (20-2-1) looked to defend his title for the fourth straight time against Dagestani Sambo master Ali Bagautinov (13-3) in the night's main event, which aired live on pay-per-view. Catch the video highlights above.

For more on UFC 174's main event, follow the play-by-play by's own Luke Thomas.

Round 1: Verin Jalel is the referee in charge. Both fighters open orthodox, but Johnson switches stances. Decent body kick from Johnson as he begins to feel out Bagautinov. Johnson switches back to orthodox and Bagautinov cracks him with a nice body kick. Bagautinov is reaching with wide hooks, but hits nothing but air. The Dagestani reaches for a takedown and can't get it. Johnson drills Bagautinov with a knee against the fence, but is still being pressed backwards. Bagautinov is in on a single, but can't get anything. Good knee from the Dagestani as the two clinch, but Johnson returns the favor and then some. Bagautinov manages to get Johnson to the canvas, but the champion springs right back to his feet.

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Johnson

Round 2: Johnson level changes for a takedown and is stuffed. The two briefly clinch before Johnson escapes and they reset, but Johnson is doing the stalking. Johnson drills Bagautinov in the face with a rough head kick, then follows it up with a leg kick. Johnson goes inside-outside on Bagautinov's lead leg. Johnson drills the Dagestani with a blistering right hand. The Russian returns the favor and hits Johnson with a partial head kick. Now they've clinched, but Johnson has double underhooks. Bagautinov is in on a single, but eating a knee and elbows at all angles here. They go over-under just before the final bell.

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Johnson

Round 3: Decent inside leg kick for Johnson to start the round, then another. Johnson double pumps and lands a left hand plus another head kick. Bagautinov is pressing Johnson into the fence, but Johnson puts on the Thai plum and drives knees upward to the Dagestani's face and bread basket. Johnson lands a shot and shows unreal range and trunk movement. More insane combinations from Johnson and he scores with an outside leg kick. Bagautinov manages to get behind the champion and lifts him for a slam, but again, Johnson stands, separates and lands a right hand. They clinch again, but nothing happens. Bagautinov goes for a throw, but Johnson whizzers hard and stuffs it. From a leg ride, Johnson punches Bagautinov in the face until the final bell.

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Johnson

Round 4: Johnson level changes for a takedown, but Bagautinov sees it and stuffs it. Very hard right hand by Johnson works, then a blistering body kick. Bagautinov is there, but isn't able to to get much of anything going. Johnson at this point is doing whatever he wants. He's in and out on all the strikes, and this goes on for what seems like minutes. Johnson takes Bagautinov's back in a scramble and gets both hooks in just before the final bell.

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Johnson

Round 5: Johnson is on a a takedown, but it's stuffed. Johnson now throwing hard knees from the clinch. Johnson is pressing Bagautinov into the fence and unloading with combinations. Intermittent boos can be heard during the broadcast. Bagautinov attempts a trip, but is stuffed. Johnson is back to going in and out on strikes. They clinch again off a missed side kick attempt from Johnson, but Johnson lands a hard strike to the body and face with his knees while stuffing the takedown.

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Johnson and the fight 50-45 Johnson

UFC 174 results: Demetrious Johnson def. Ali Bagautinov via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)