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UFC 174 undercard live blog: Sarafian vs. Kunimoto, More

Daniel Sarafian and Kiichi Kunimoto will headline the UFC 174 undercard Saturday night.
Daniel Sarafian and Kiichi Kunimoto will headline the UFC 174 undercard Saturday night.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC 174 undercard live blog for the UFC 174 event at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver.

There will be six fights on the UFC 174 undercard. Daniel Sarafian vs. Kiichi Kunimoto, Valerie Letourneau vs. Elizabeth Phillips, Yves Jabouin vs. Mike Easton, Kajan Johnson vs. Tae Hyun Bang, Roland Delorme vs. Michinori Tanaka, and Jason Saggo vs. Josh Shockley will be featured on the prelims.

Check out the UFC 174 undercard live blog below.

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Jason Saggo vs. Josh Shockley

Round 1: They touch ‘em up and we're off. Saggo stalks Shockley into the fence then body locks into a trip. Saggo floated right into mount there. Nice. Shockley hips escapes and attacks with an armbar from the bottom. Saggo stacks him, moves into side control, then easily advances back into mount. Shockley bides his time then hips escapes into half guard. Saggo goes knee on belly into side control. Shockley scrambles to one knee, then to his feet. Shockley busting out a few Matt Serra footstomps against the cage. Saggo doesn't like it, and trips Shockley back onto the mat. Saggo postures up, unloads a few punches, then dives into half guard. Shockley gives up his back, and Saggo flattens him out looking for a choke. Shockley defends but Saggo just starts unleashing punches. More punches and this one is close to being stopped. That's it. TKO stoppage right at the horn.

Jason Saggo def. Josh Shockley via TKO (punches) at 4:57 of round one

Roland Delorme vs. Michinori Tanaka

Round 1:
Lots of movement from Tanaka early. Delorme seems content to hang back and let Tanaka engage. And there we go, Tanaka paws out a front kick but Delorme catches it and bullrushes him to the canvas. Tanaka sweeps to top position in the scramble. Delorme gets warned for grabbing the cage but it served its purpose, as he begins to climb to his feet along the fence. Tanaka working hard to keep him down. Not much happening other than the battle to keep Delorme on his back. Delorme attempting to throw his legs up for a triangle but no dice. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Tanaka.

Round 2:
Tanaka cracks Delorme with a hard one-off right hand. Tanaka wades inside with another flurry and Delorme throws his hands up, trying to goad him into a firefight. Tanaka doesn't bite though, as he continues to circle and dart in and out with strikes. Tanaka pressures Delorme up against the fence and judo trips him onto his back. Round one all over again. Tanaka scoots Delorme away from the fence and this crowd is starting to get a bit restless. Tanaka slides into half guard. Not much damage here, but Tanaka is in complete control. Just as I write that, a few short elbows seem to cut Delorme under his eye. Tanaka sees it an unloads a few more short shots. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Tanaka. (20-18 Tanaka.)

Round 3:
Delorme's corner tells him that he needs a finish and they're probably right. Delorme trying as hard as possible to cut off the Octagon but Tanaka is just too elusive. Tanaka swarms inside and gets the trip. Delorme scrambles and nearly sweeps into top position. Tanaka continues to move and, wow, incredibly slick sweep from Delorme and the American jumps right into mount. This is his chance. And just like that, it's gone. Tanaka sweeps into top control then goes back to work with short punches and elbows. Delorme's cut bursts open as blood streams from under his eye. More short elbows from Tanaka, who advances into mount. Delorme hip escapes to reclaim his half guard, but Tanaka is dominating him. Delorme scrambles to the fence but it doesn't matter, as Tanaka ends the round hunting for back control. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Tanaka. (30-27 Tanaka.)

Michinori Tanaka def. Roland Delorme via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Kajan Johnson vs. Tae Hyun Bang
Round 1:
Big John McCarthy is the man in the charge of the action. Johnson working in straight lines early, tossing out straight punches and hanging heavy on his back foot. Head kick from Johnson. Johnson changes levels for a single and gets it, landing in side control. Bang unwisely holding for a guillotine. He lets it go then sweeps to his feet. They're slugging. Oh, huge left hand drops Johnson! Bang jumps onto a guillotine while Johnson tries to stay alive. Bang attempts to take Johnson's back, but Johnson regains his wits, blocks the advance, then scrambles up. Good right hand puts Bang on the retreat. Johnson closes the distance and marches Bang to the floor, landing directly into side control. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Bang.

Round 2:
They circle and trade early. Johnson trying to fight on the outside this round, popping out his jab and working in the occasional low kick. Bang in stalk mode. Good one-two somewhat staggers Johnson. Johnson drops low for a single and gets it, but immediately gets rolled over into bottom position just like the first round. Johnson snatches a heel hook in a scramble. He can't get it, but he uses the opportunity to secure back control. Bang slowly climbs to his feet and eats a hard elbow. Both men are bleeding heavily; Bang from his nose, Johnson from a cut. Wild spinning backfist misses for Bang. Close round, but MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Johnson. (19-19.)

Round 3:
Bang tags Johnson with a left, and another. Big shot from Bang in an exchange. Bang blocks a high kick, then shucks off a lazy takedown attempt. Bang shrugs off another head kick then UNLOADS a right hook into Johnson's jaw! Wow. Johnson is out cold. Great stoppage from Big John there.

Tae Hyun Bang def. Kajan Johnson via KO (punch) at 2:01 of round three

Yves Jabouin vs. Mike Easton

Round 1:
Kevin Dornan is our third man in the Octagon. And hey, he's fired up about it. Automatic eye poke from Jabouin. Well, okay. We're back for try number two. Big exchanges here and Easton is bulldogging his way into some good shots. Jabouin changes levels and gets Easton to the floor. Jabouin not able to get anything going from the top. Jabouin finally frees his arm and cracks Easton with a good elbow. Easton wall-walks to his feet, then goes body-body-head inside the clinch. Trip attempt fails for Easton and Jabouin again winds up in top position. Back up. Easton finally succeeds in his trip attempt, and he quickly works to side control. Jabouin scrambles up. Kind of a weird round. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Jabouin, but barely.

Round 2:
Jabouin connects on a front kick to the body followed by a hard elbow. Good uppercut from Jabouin. Easton pressing forward but he's getting picked apart right now. Easton ducks down low and shoots for a double. Jabouin shucks it off and looks for back control. He gets it, but Easton stands then unloads a knee from the clinch. Easton with his back to the cage, eats a high kick off the break. Jabouin going to work along the fence. Jabouin stifles another trip attempt and settles inside Easton's half guard. Easton retakes his guard but he's got nothing to offer from this position. Dornan has seen enough; he stands it up. Both guys slinging sledgehammers to close us out. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Jabouin. (20-18 Jabouin.)

Round 3:
More of the same as we start round three; Jabouin picking apart Easton from range and Easton unable to translate his strength into any effective offense. Easton bulls Jabouin against the fence, then sits there for awhile. The crowd is getting restless. We break, and they trade inside the pocket, mostly slow and weary punches. Jabouin drops down low for a takedown and gets it. He swarms onto Easton's back and sinks one hook in. Jabouin settles into half guard while Easton hunts for a kimura. Easton working hard for this submission and he might actually have a chance. Easton sweeps into top control using the kimura! Oh, he lets it go. Nevermind. 40 seconds to work from side control for Easton. Jabouin easily reclaims his guard, and that's where we end it. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Easton. (29-28 Jabouin.)

Yves Jabouin def. Mike Easton via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Valerie Letourneau vs. Elizabeth Phillips
Round 1:
Our referee in charge of the action is Jerin Valel. Phillips immediately charges into the clinch. Letourneau breaks free then blocks a high kick. Both women content to stand and trade but nothing landing flush so far. Hard flurry from Letourneau is answered with a one-two from Phillips. Letourneau left eye is starting to swell. Phillips sees it and begins to target it. Letourneau easily evades a takedown attempt. Phillips throwing punches in bunches, and so is Letourneau, but Letourneau's right eye is only getting worse. Good jab from Letourneau, followed by a high kick. Wild exchange takes us to the horn. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Phillips.

Round 2:
Wow, Letourneau's left eye is dark purple and swollen beyond belief. Expect to see some urgency from her. Letourneau is still game though, as she charges into the clinch and unloads a flurry. Phillips answers with one of her own, then puts Letourneau's back onto the fence. They break free. Phillips just putting her head down and swinging for the fences. Letourneau slips a punch and puts together a fantastic combination finished by a superb uppercut. High kick from Letourneau. Letourneau firing off at will right now, despite her battered left eye. Huge knee catches Phillips on the jaw and she turns her back and scampers away. We're back in the center of the Octagon, and Letourneau continues to slip and rip. Great comeback round for Letourneau. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Letourneau. (19-19.)

Round 3:
Phillips storms out for a takedown but can't get it. Letourneau slinging heavy leather, coming on hard with combination after combination. She's putting her punches together extremely well considering her vision issues. Phillips muscles Letourneau into the fence, and hunts for double underhooks. Great wrist control from Letourneau prevents it though. Slow exchange off the break. Phillips still stalking forward, putting her head down and slinging. One minute left and this round is likely still up for grabs. They trade left hooks. Good uppercut from Letourneau. Letourneau pours it on with punches and a body kick. Phillips just eats it all though and plows forward. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Letourneau. (29-28 Letourneau.)

Valerie Letourneau def. Elizabeth Phillips via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Daniel Sarafian vs. Kiichi Kunimoto

Round 1:
Yves Lavigne oversees our final prelims bout. Kunimoto circling and jabbing from the outset. Sarafian wades inside and catches him with a hard one-two. Good kick from Kunimoto, who clinches then muscles Sarafian up against the fence. Kunimoto powers Sarafian to the canvas and settles inside the Brazilian's half guard. Sarafian trying to struggle out but Kunimoto stays tight with both hooks and slithers an arm under Sarafian's neck. This could be it. And there's the tap. Impressive showing from Kunimoto.

Kiichi Kunimoto def. Daniel Sarafian via submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:52 of round one

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