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Daniel Cormier's MRI shows significant ligament damage; undecided on surgery

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Esther Lin

Daniel Cormier still isn't sure if he's going to get knee surgery.

The undefeated light heavyweight contender has gone back and forth on whether to get the procedure since he suffered a lateral collateral ligament injury in training for his UFC 173 victory over Dan Henderson.'s Ariel Helwani reported on Wednesday's edition of UFC Tonight that Cormier recently got an MRI done on the injured knee, and he recently got the results: There's a significant tear in his LCL and his anterior cruciate ligament is 50 percent missing.

That's not an uncommon situation for competitors like the 35-year-old Cormier, who has spent a lifetime as an elite wrestler.

The 15-0 Cormier, who is expected to meet the winner of the Jon Jones-Alexander Gustafsson light heavyweight title rematch on Sept. 27, was told that the final call on surgery is up to him. He has yet to decide whether to follow through with the surgery or to keep competing with the knee as it is.