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Warlley Alves will cut down to 170 following TUF: Brazil win

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Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

SAO PAULO, Brazil -- Warlley Alves is the latest addition to the list of Ultimate Fighters.

Unbeaten in MMA, Warlley Alves showed why he was the favorite against the dangerous Marcio Alexandre Jr. at The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 Finale in Sao Paulo on Saturday night, choking Alexandre Jr. out in the third round with a guillotine.

Right after his win, Alves confirmed his plans to cut down to 170 pounds for his next UFC appearance.

"These guys are too big. I’m too skinny, so I’ll stay in my division," Alves said in the post-fight press conference at the Ibirapuera gymnasium. "I will move down and who knows, maybe I’ll be able to fight for the title in five or six years.

"Brazil had five UFC titles and has only one now, so we have to take them back."

Alves credits Ronaldo Souza for his grappling game following the submission victory.

"‘Jacare’ beats me up. If I get beat up by him, I have to submit someone else," he said with a laugh. "Jokes aside, I’m part of a great team. I’m a black belt in kickboxing, but I train MMA and I have to be ready for every fight. The guys at 170 are well-rounded, they have good striking and wrestling, so I have to be prepared for every situation."

Alves pocketed a couple extra bonuses for best performance at the reality show and for his submission win over Alexandre Jr. With a 7-0 MMA record, he doesn’t think he’s unbeatable.

"It was a good fight, but other fights will happen and the focus will remain the same," he said. "Fight time is war time. I go to the gym and brawl. Win or lose is the result of your training. I will do my best."