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Warlley Alves guarantees he'll win post-fight performance bonus at The Ultimate Fighter 3 Brazil Finale

Guilherme Cruz, MMA Fighting

SAO PAULO -- Unbeaten in MMA, Warlley Alves feels ready to become Brazil’s next Ultimate Fighter.

A member of X-Gym in Rio de Janeiro, Alves is confident he can beat anyone in the UFC, including fellow TUF finalist Marcio Alexandre Jr., after a tough camp with the likes of Ronaldo Souza, Alan Patrick, Paulo Thiago and other UFC fighters.

"‘Jacare’ and ‘Nuguette’ are the most important pieces of my camp," Alves told "I also train a lot with guys like Paulo Thiago and Rodrigo Damm, but ‘Jacare’ is the closest one."

Alves, who used to compete at welterweight, moved up to 185 to be part of the reality show and takes on Alexandre Jr. on Saturday night in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In the reality show, he finished Ismael de Jesus and Wagner Gomes to advance in the brackets.

"It helps a lot in a psychological way," he said of training with "Jacare" Souza for his UFC debut. "He beats me up in training, and no one is tougher and stronger than him. If I can do well in training with him, if I can at least survive against him in training, I can fight anyone in my division."

Alexandre, who earned his nickname "Lyoto" because of his karate background, scored a pair of split decision wins at the reality show, and his style means problems inside the Octagon.

"His karate style is complicated so I have to be patient," he said. "But I trained a lot for this.

"There’s no favorite for this fight. I respect his game a lot, as I always respected my opponents, but I will go in there to do my job and I’m prepared for everything he might do in the fight."

Excited to finally make his UFC debut, Alves wants to make extra money on Saturday night.

"I’m really to be at the final and I will do my best to win," he said. "It’s going to be the best fight of the night. I will fight as I always did, but he’s a tough guy so I expect this to go three rounds. I want the win, and I promise I will win the fight of the night bonus. I want to impress."

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