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UFC 173 live blog: Takeya Mizugaki vs. Francisco Rivera

Takeya Mizugaki eyes his fifth straight win at UFC 173 against Francisco Rivera.
Takeya Mizugaki eyes his fifth straight win at UFC 173 against Francisco Rivera.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC 173 live blog for Takeya Mizugaki vs. Francisco Rivera, a bantamweight bout at Saturday night's UFC event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nev.

Mizugaki, who has won four of his past five fights, will face Rivera, who is 3-0 (with one no-contest) in his UFC return, on the main card.

Check out the UFC 173 live blog below.

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Round 1: The referee in charge of the action is Yves Lavigne. Both fighters open orthodox. Great left hook early from Rivera buckles the Japanese fighter for a moment. Rivera is dropped with a right hand that lands on his temple. Mizugaki follows up and is working in Rivera's half guard. Mizugaki is trying to land overhand bombs, but it gives Rivera space to stand. Mizugaki is pressing Rivera against the fence, but Rivera trips Mizugaki to the mat. The Japanese fighter stands almost immediately and is pressing Rivera before they separate. Rivera scores another tip from clinch and the two exchange strikes as the bell sounds.

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Mizugaki

Round 2: Outside leg kick from Rivera to start the frame. Another good right hand scores for Mizugaki. Rivera throws a Btrazilian kick and misses and is nearly taken down in the process. Now he and Mizugaki and swinging wildly, both landing on each other. Double leg attempt from Mizugaki doesn't work. Rivera drops for a guillotine, but it doesn't work and Mizugaki gets on top. Rivera gets his back to the fence, but as Rivera turns Mizugaki uses it as a chance to take Rivera's back.

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Mizugaki

Round 3: Jab from Mizugaki partially lands. Both fighters are trading in the middle with equal success, but nothing overly huge is connecting. A bomb of a right hand while Rivera was kicking plants Rivera on his back with Mizugaki on top in his guard. Rivera trying to walk his shoulders and hips side to side to create space, but Mizugaki is following him. Rivera is able to stand and the two decide to trade until the bell rings.

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Mizugaki and the fight 30-27 Mizugaki

Takeya Mizugaki def. Francisco Rivera via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

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