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Rousey: Boxing is a 'limited form of fighting,' but Mayweather fight 'a terrible idea'

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LAS VEGAS -- Ronda Rousey sat back, bemused, through all the talk of what would happen if she fought boxing pound-for-pound kingpin Floyd Mayweather.

The chances of it happening are basically nil, but that hasn't stopped the topic from taking off like wildfire, exactly the sort of story that casual fans lap up as hardcore fans grumble.

Friday, the UFC bantamweight champion finally had her opportunity to give her take on the situation.

Asked about how she'd see the hypothetical fight between herself and "Money" break down, Rousey gave Mayweather his props as a boxer, but held her ground on the notion she'd prevail MMA rules.

"You would never report me saying something like 'I think that Floyd Mayweather is the best boxer that ever lived, an actual, technical boxer‘  Rousey said during the UFC 175 press conference at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. "Of course Floyd would box the hell out of me if it was a boxing match. But boxing is a limited form of fighting, and we're a much less limited form of fighting and I've trained my whole life to prepare for things he hasn't prepared for. I prepare to get hit and to be taken down."

Friday, UFC president Dana White went through the same spiel he gave Thursday as to why Rousey would defeat Mayweather anywhere except the boxing ring, earning Rousey's scorn for saying she walks around at 160 pounds ("148," she corrected him).

But ultimately, White made clear that such a fight is never happening.

"We don't condone men vs. women fighting," White said.

Rousey, who defends her title at UFC 175 against Alexis Davis, concurred.

"I think in professional fighting, it would be a terrible idea."

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