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Jake Ellenberger calls Robbie Lawler's comeback story 'overblown'

LAS VEGAS -- Robbie Lawler's career resurgence was one of the most celebrated stories in mixed martial arts in 2013.

The former can't-miss-prospect-who-did returned to the UFC after a near-decade absence last year and rolled to three consecutive victories, defeated Josh Koscheck, Bobby Voelker, and Rory MacDonald.

The streak earned Lawler a crack at the vacant welterweight title in March, where he lost a tight decision to Johny Hendricks in one of the early frontrunners for Fight of the Year.

One fighter not quite so impressed by Lawler's comeback, however, is the guy who the "Ruthless" one will face on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Jake Ellenberger told reporters Thursday that he thinks Lawler's win streak was "overblown."

"I think that's been a little bit overblown," Ellenberger said. "You beat a guy like Bobby Voelker, a few guys who were not top 10 guys, he had an impressive win over Koscheck, who also hadn't had a big win in a really long time."

Still though, don't expect Ellenberger to overlook Lawler as a fighter, not in a fight which has such deep repercussions for Ellenberger's career, as he tries to rebound from his loss to MacDonald last summer.

"Every fight's important, but this is the most important fight by far," Ellenberger said. "I'm getting an opportunity to fight the No. 1 [contender] in the world, it couldn't be bettter. For me, it's definitely a pretty big fight. It's going to get me closer to the gold."

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