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Vitor Belfort doesn't think surprise drug test will stop him from getting Nevada license

Guilherme Cruz, MMA Fighting

Vitor Belfort earned a shot at the UFC middleweight championship against Chris Weidman after three straight knockout wins in 2013, but was pulled out of the fight after the Nevada State Athletic Commission banned the controversial testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

"The Phenom" claims he did all the tests Nevada will require and the Brazilian commission (CABMMA) says he’s good to fight in Brazil. Belfort seems confident he will be able to fight the winner of Weidman vs. Lyoto Machida anywhere in the world.

"My intention is to fight for the belt," Belfort told "I got a license in Brazil from the exams I did. What I want now is get licenses in every state because the UFC is a global company, and I want to fight whenever there’s a fight. If I need a license to fight in Mars, I’m ready."

Belfort hasn’t contacted the NSAC to apply for a license yet, but he’s planning to do it soon.

"We’re going to contact them, as we’re going to contact every other state commission," he said. "I’m focused on a goal, and every day is time to smash the grapes."

UFC president Dana White shut down Belfort’s attempt to replace Machida and fight Weidman on July 5, saying that "that shit just doesn't happen like that" and "he's got a lot of work to do."

"My friend, I never had anything easy in my life," Belfort responded. "I’m not worried if it’s going to be easy or not. The important thing is speaking the truth. Everybody respects each other and do what is right, as I always did. Even Dana White said I was the most tested fighter (in 2013), and now I’m OK now (with TRT ban)."

"Some things are out of my control so I don’t think about it, brother," he continued. "The secret of life is don’t waste time with things that are out of your control. My wife Joana (Prado) runs an office now, OTD Fight, and they take care of everything for me. My focus is just training."

Belfort, who turned 37 in April, will have to go through the comprehensive application process with commission review, when he asks for a license in Nevada, but he’s not worried about it.

"The most expensive wine is Bordeaux," he said. "It’s the good old wine. That’s Vitor Belfort."

Will the surprise drug test taken in February be an issue?

"Not at all, even because I was in treatment," he responded. "The only thing is that I didn’t have the license (to use it) in Nevada.

"I always did all the exams. When I was doing the TRT treatment I did exams every week, so I have all the history. That’s really serious and I have good doctors. I was always very responsible with that."

Right before the next question about the result of the surprise test, the interview was interrupted. Joana Prado, Belfort’s wife, picked up the phone and said the fighter wouldn’t talk about it.

"That (subject) is closed," Prado said. "You already have the answer from the lawyer, the UFC and everybody else."

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