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Gina Carano to meet with Dana White Wednesday night

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The much-anticipated Gina Carano-Dana White meeting will take place Wednesday night.

White confirmed the day of the meeting with Anticipation has been building regarding the tête-à-tête since Carano mentioned it last Thursday on "The Arsenio Hall Show."

"I love it," she said about fighting last week. "It's something I can do that makes everything else disappear. I dream about it. I just didn't know if I was ever going to get placed with the opportunity to make a comeback. So I'm either going to do it now or retire and say, I'm never going to do it. So now is the moment."

The 31-year-old Carano, whose latest film "In The Blood" was released on Friday, hasn't fought since her Aug. 2009 loss to Cris Cyborg. And while she has kept a relatively low profile in MMA circles since then, rumors began to emerge last month that she was considering a comeback and that the UFC was interested in booking her against Ronda Rousey. Carano's management team reportedly talked to the UFC recently but no deal was struck.

Carano has never fought in the UFC, but the organization inherited her contract when its parent company, Zuffa LLC, purchased Strikeforce in 2011.