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Brazilian commission won’t overturn Jussier Formiga vs. Scott Jorgensen result

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i9 Imagens/UFC

Scott Jorgensen called his last UFC loss "bulls--t" and wanted it overturned, but that won't happen after all.

Jorgensen’s management team, MMA Inc., announced on Friday via Twitter that the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA) has reviewed the fight and concluded that Jussier Formiga’s non-intentional headbutt didn’t play a big enough factor in the finish, so they denied Jorgensen’s appeal.

CABMMA director Cristiano Sampaio confirmed the information to

Formiga scored a first-round submission victory over Jorgensen at UFC Fight Night 38 in Natal, Brazil, on March 23, with a rear-naked choke.

"You can't get away with it twice," Jorgensen tweeted on Friday. "Fight me." His management team also called for a rematch via Twitter.

Jorgensen holds a 3-4 record under the UFC banner, and Formiga improved to 2-2 with the win in his hometown.