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Wanderlei Silva continues verbal attacks against Chael Sonnen

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Wanderlei Silva wants the support of his fellow Brazilians, so he decided to make one of his famous videos.

In his most recent YouTube post, Silva compiled several comments from Sonnen towards Brazil and said he shouldn’t be making money in a reality show in his country.

"He’s a criminal, he shouldn’t be getting all the media attention and profiting from our country," Silva said in the video. "He is a criminal responsible for money laundering."

"I can’t let this guy come around and say whatever he wants," he continued. "I can’t film the entire show being nice to him and shaking his hands. Do you think that would have been right? Do you think someone who represents you should support the comments this guy made? I can’t do that."

In the video, Silva shows Sonnen’s controversial comments about Rihanna on FOX Sports Live and the money laundering situation.

"This is not a joke. This is not comedy," Silva said. "This guy is making jokes about domestic violence, about guys beating up girls. He calls women whores. He says we are all filthy people in our country. He says we’re filthy people and that he needs to give us soap.

"He said Brazil has no internet and implied we’re a bunch of monkeys. That makes me angry because that’s not (fight) promotion and that’s not a joke. He wants to humiliate us. Just like all the people who have been humiliated for so long in this country. That’s wrong. Enough of that. I felt like it was my mission to defend our country. I’m in that TUF Brazil defending our country."

Silva takes on Sonnen in a light heavyweight contest at UFC 175 in Las Vegas, Nev, on July 5.