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Dana White: Vitor Belfort 'has a lot of work to do' before he's ready to fight again

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Chris Trotman

BALTIMORE, Md. -- The UFC middleweight division has arguably never been hotter and at UFC 172, Luke Rockhold turned in a strong performance, submitting Tim Boetsch in the first round of their bout with a kimura. As for what's next, Rockhold was unequivocal in his desire to earn a rematch with Vitor Belfort, after Belfort dispatched with the American in the first round in their May 2013 bout.

Unfortunately for Rockhold, it's not so clear when Belfort is going to be coming back to the Octagon.

Belfort is currently getting off of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) after the Nevada State Athletic Commission banned used of the practice earlier this year. As it stands, there are regulatory hurdles the Brazilian fighter still has to clear before he can be licensed to compete.

"I did all the tests that Nevada requires," Belfort told earlier this week.. "I did it on my own, and I passed them all. There is nothing in my system anymore. God has blessed me. I’m ready now, and I’m waiting.

Belfort went on to say now that he believes he's ready to go, he should be placed into the UFC 175 title fight opposite champion Chris Weidman, the bout he was originally scheduled to compete in before TRT was banned and his ability to compete was compromised.

As for UFC President Dana White, he regards Belfort's actions to date as amusing, but simply the tip of the iceberg in terms of what Belfort must do to be able to legally compete again.

"He's gotta solve his problems with the Nevada State Athletic Commission and when he does that, we'll figure it out.

"He's got a lot of work to do. That shit just doesn't happen like that.  You gotta get on the agenda. He's got a lot of work to do. He's fooling himself if that's what he really thinks, he took a couple of home tests and he's ready to roll. Or whatever he did."

White didn't say much more, but with a noticeable touch of sarcasm said dealing with Belfort and his issues is something he enjoys.

"He's always fun," White said. "He's hilarious."