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UFC 172 results: Joseph Benavidez rebounds, submits Tim Elliott

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Elliot gave Joseph Benavidez an idea of what type of fight he was in for at UFC 172 on Saturday when he came right out and shot for a wild takedown.

That set off a crazy four minutes of a flyweight fight, as the duo went back and forth in a bout full of scrambles and reversals.

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Ultimately, though, Benavidez got the best of things at the Baltimore Arena and finished Elliott off with a guilotine choke. The time of the finish was 4:08.

"Wild fight, that's a wild man out there, give it up for Tim Elliott," said Benavidez, who scored his ninth career submission. "He brought out the best in me, he made me fight. Give it up for him. It was a great fight while we were in there, it was fun."

Elliott followed up on his fast start by trapping Benavidez for a considerable period of time in a crucifix. But when Benavidez got out, he turned the tide. He administered the choke in such a manner that he trapped both of Elliott's arms, cuasing Elliott to have to tap out with his feet.

It was a rebound victory for Benavidez (20-4), who was knocked out by Demetrious Johnson in a flyweight title challenge in December. The Team Alpha Male fighter has won his past 10 non-title fights.