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Cris Cyborg: Ronda Rousey is UFC's paper champion, her opponents are handpicked

Guilherme Cruz, MMA Fighting

The Cris Cyborg vs. Ronda Rousey and Dana White drama never ends.

Earlier this week, Rousey called Cyborg "an it," saying "she’s not even a woman anymore" after "injecting herself for so long."

UFC president Dana White didn’t see anything wrong with Rousey's statement, telling the media at Thursday's pre-UFC 172 scrum that the Brazilian "looked like Wanderlei Silva in a dress and heels" at the World MMA Awards.

Cyborg didn’t like those comments, but won’t fire back.

"I thought the comparison was funny," Cyborg told "I’m a big fan of Wanderlei Silva, he’s a big international idol."

Many people think that Rousey should be fined for her comments about Cyborg, but the Brazilian never expected it.

"I’m not surprised (she wasn’t punished) because she’s UFC’s paper champion," she said. "They obviously would never punish her, even because her opponents are handpicked.

"I always admired Dana White as a great businessman that always believed in MMA and helped our sport to grow around the world. And I’m sure that, with the power he has, he would never go against his paper champion."

Cyborg expects to defend her Invicta FC featherweight title "soon," and eyes a bantamweight clash with Rousey in the horizon.

"Everything she says motivates me to get inside the Octagon against her," Cyborg said. "I don’t keep sadness, I keep names."

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