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Wanderlei Silva calls Chael Sonnen a racist: 'He doesn’t deserve our respect'

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Chael Sonnen is surprisingly becoming the good guy during The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3, but Wanderlei Silva wants to get his fellow Brazilians to support him at UFC 175.

Since the beginning of the reality show, Silva has demanded Sonnen apologize for all the bad things he has said in the past about Brazil, but the American fighter always declined. Less than 30 percent of 60 thousand fans plan to cheer for Silva after his assistant Andre Dida punched Sonnen during the infamous brawl at the reality show, according to a poll from Brazilian website UOL.

Silva wants the support back, and he’s using Sonnen’s quotes against Brazil to get it. In his most recent Instagram post, Silva showed an interview that Sonnen gave to MMA Fighting in 2012.

Right after a submission victory over Brian Stann at UFC 136, Sonnen had this to say about the possibility of fighting Anderson Silva in Brazil.

"If they sell 100,000 tickets I hope they put them in a nice ball, turn them sideways and shove them straight up their a--, that’s what they can do with the Brazilian crowd."

In his post, Silva called Sonnen a "racist," explaining that his actions during the show were fueled by Sonnen’s previous statements.

"This guy is a racist and he doesn’t deserve our respect," Silva wrote on his Instagram page. "I wouldn’t be mad (at him) if I had no reasons to be. This is just one of the things he said about us.

"Now, if you want to cheer for him be my guest, you deserve my respect," Silva wrote. "I don’t agree with him and I think we should be united this time. We’re stronger together."

Originally planned to take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on May 31, Silva vs. Sonnen match-up was moved to UFC’s show in Las Vegas, Nev., on July 5, after the Brazilian got injured in the brawl with Sonnen.

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