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Anderson Silva studying to become a LAPD officer

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Wander Roberto, Inovafoto/UFC

Anderson Silva wants to be a Hollywood star, fight Roy Jones Jr. in a boxing match and return to the UFC in 2015. Now, you can add "becoming a police officer" to Silva’s wish list.

The former UFC middleweight champion won’t return to the Octagon in 2014, so apparently he’s using his time off to recover from the injury he suffered against Chris Weidman and study to become a cop in Los Angeles, California, where he lives with his wife and kids.

"I train every morning, take my kids to school and go to the police school," Silva told Folha de Sao Paulo in Brazil. "I’m studying at the Los Angeles School Police Department. I’m studying to become a police officer."

Silva doesn’t plan to put on the uniform and fight against crime, though. According to the UFC star, he wants to honor his uncle, who raised him in Curitiba.

"It’s a personal wish, something that will make my uncle happy," he explained. "He thought it was a little weird that I’m not doing this here (in Brazil), but it wasn’t the right time. My brothers are police officers, my nephews are police officers. It’s a family thing."