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Dana White responds to Nate Diaz's request to be released

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

UFC president Dana White said he never heard about Nate Diaz's latest infamous tweet.

In a widely circulated late-February tweet, Diaz wrote, "I would like to request to be released from the @ufc. It's time for me to be on my way .. ?" Once apprised of the situation during the UFC Fight Night 37 pre-fight scrum, White quickly shot down the request.

"Really? He hasn't called me. That's how you do these things, you tweet? ... The answer would be no." White said of releasing Diaz. "He just signed a new contract that he was happy with a month ago."

White also didn't believe the Twitter request was controversial.

"That is definitely not controversial for the Diaz brothers -  that's called normal," White said. "I have 500 guys under contract and there's always something. Everyday when I wake up there's something."