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Morning Report: Daniel Cormier requests title shot, Jon Jones says he's not interested

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Newly minted light heavyweight Daniel Cormier didn't impress everyone with his quick stoppage of Patrick Cummins at UFC 170. According to 205 pound champion Jon Jones, Cormier's short work doesn't even get him a sniff at his title.

Telling FOX Sports he 'heard Jones has the ability to say who he wants to fight,' Cormier pleaded with the champ to be considered for a shot at the strap.

"This is a message for Jonny Bones Jones: Hey, Jon. This is Daniel Cormier. Bro. Brother. I'm asking nicely. I'm not aggressive. I'm not trying to be confrontational, Jon. I'm just asking, would you be willing to give me a chance to fight you. Please, Jon. Please, brother. Make the decision."

In response, Jones laid out one chief reason why he doesn't see it happening any time soon.

"My response to [Cormier] is: Hey, DC. I really respect what you've done with losing that weight. I think that's extremely inspirational to a lot of people. It shows what type of heart you have that you're willing to sacrifice those meals and get yourself to 205 [pounds].

"First and foremost, since you're speaking more respectfully, I'll say congratulations on your victory and your weight loss. But as far as giving you a title shot, I have no interest in fighting you right now, only because of the fact that you really haven't fought anyone that I consider a top level fighter. I'm kind of sick of seeing UFC light heavyweights fight against kind of like 'cans' until they get a title shot. I really want to see a top contender fight a top contender and I think you need to fight someone a little bit more well-known than Patrick Cummins. Fight against Rashad [Evans], fight against somebody legit, man. Then I think it would be a little more appropriate to give you that title shot."

With Rashad Evans out until the fall mending a torn ACL, Cormier may need to look at other options. Currently sitting at No. 5 in the rankings, Cormier needs to be Jimi Manuwa's No. 1 fan this weekend. Should Alexander Gustafsson stumble against Manuwa in London, Cormier could leapfrog Phil Davis and Evans based purely on interest alone. With Davis set to face Anthony Johnson at UFC 172 in April, maybe someone like Ryan Bader makes sense. Right inside the top 10, Bader would at least seem to fit Cormier's schedule, having competed at UFC Fight Night 33 just weeks before Cormier.



Cro Cop. Mirko Filipovic hasn't forgotten what Fedor Emelianenko said about him not having 'it' anymore. "I like Fedor and I respect him a lot, but it's not his job, it's not his concern to act like my mother and to give any kind of advice, especially to me."

Support for Gil. Gilbert Melendez says he's received quite a few kind messages from fellow fighters regarding his new contract. "Everyone thinks I'm this millionaire or something now."

Heartbreaking. Rashad Evans says he was crushed to have to withdraw from his bout with Daniel Cormier at UFC 170. "I really wanted to cry. I had put so much into the camp, and I really wanted to go out there and have a great performance."

Mixed bag. Kenny Florian, Chris Lytle and others give their take on the proposed UFC uniform.

Bored. Jose Aldo says he'd reluctantly fight either Chad Mendes of Cub Swanson next, but sounds much more interested in Anthony Pettis.

It's Tuesday, so make sure to catch The MMA Hour featuring Rashad Evans, Alexander Gustafsson, Gilbert Melendez, British broadcaster John Gooden, Kyle Kingsbury and The legendary Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic.




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