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Undefeated bantamweight Larissa Pacheco hoping to make UFC deal

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Larissa Pacheco wants to be the next UFC fighter.

The first woman to win a Jungle Fight female championship, the bantamweight prospect moved to 9-0 with a third-round TKO against Irene Aldana in December, and she’s hoping to sign with the UFC in 2014.

"I’m waiting for this opportunity," Pacheco told "Every fighter wants to be in the biggest promotion. Jungle Fight is a big window to get in the UFC, and I’m waiting for my time. I’m ready for it, and I know it’s not easy to get there."

Pacheco has four knockouts and five submissions in her MMA record, and she thought that it was enough to earn her a deal with the UFC after winning the Jungle Fight 135-pound title.

"My record is good, I have no losses," she said. "I thought I’d (sign with the UFC) now. I heard some promises, but I’m waiting for a chance. I’m ready whenever they call me."

Pacheco is set to put her title on the line on April 5 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, against Lizianne Silveira (2-0), and she wants to add another finish to her MMA record.

"I’m aggressive, I don’t care who I’m fighting," she said. "I can’t let someone else take what I’ve earned with my hard work, and it doesn’t matter who I’m fighting."