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Vinny Magalhaes out of Metamoris 3 with staph infection

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Vinny Magalhaes has been forced to withdraw from Saturday night's Metamoris 3. The former UFC fighter explained why he had to pull out of the event on Twitter.

Bad news: I'm out of my metamoris match against Keenan Cornelius.
On Tuesday night after I got done with all my training sessions, I noticed a tiny little thing under my arm which looked like nothing but an ingrown hair.
It didn't change size or anything throughout the day on Wednesday, I did some pad work in the evening with my Thai coach and everything went fine.
When I got home from the gym, I felt like the area was getting too hot and I was starting to have fever. When it was around 11:00pm i decided to go to the ER, and see if what I had was more than just an ingrown hair.
The doctor said that I found out soon enough that there was nothing in it to be drained but said that I had staph infection, and prescribed me some antibiotics.
I got on them right away, and the next day I notified Ralek about the infection, and also told what the doctor had told me. The doctor told me that 24hrs after starting the antibiotics, I should start to see results, and most likely it wouldn't spread out.
Well, keenan contacted me, I told him the situation and he knew the risks and still agreed to the match.
Over these last couple days, things just got worse, I had really high fever all night these last couple nights, even though I was on antibiotics, the wound wouldn't stop getting bigger.
So today at around 2 I decided to get a second opinion and the doctor told me that I might have MRSA, since the antibiotics haven't worked at all and I'm on my third day on them.
I'm at the hospital right now, the doctors will give me an IV with antibiotics and drain the area.
The Dr. Just walked in and said that this is one of the most painful thing according to her patients... FUUUUU
Well, sorry everyone that was rooting for me, and those that bought the event expecting me to be part of it... I tried... I really tried.

Magalhaes showed off his infected area on Twitter as well.