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Metamoris 3 Live Blog

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the Metamoris 3 live blog for the Metamoris event at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, Calif.

There will be six fights on the card. Eddie Bravo vs. Royler Gracie, Rafael Mendes vs. Clark Gracie, Keenan Cornelius vs. Vinny Malgalhaes, Dean Lister vs. Renato Sobral, Gui Mendes vs. Samir Chantre, and Zak Maxwell vs. Sean Roberts will be the featured matches.

Check out the Metamoris 3 live blog below. Each fight will be contested for one 20-minute round.

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Zak Maxwell vs. Sean Roberts

Zak and Sean shake hands and we're off. Guys touch and sit, playing in the 50/50 guard. Roberts hips out to the right, looking to secure a shoulder lock. Zak counters an Omoplata attempt and lands in Sean's full guard. Zak working to break grips while Sean looks to set up an arm. Sean is controlling posture well, locking in a bottom body triangle. Zak now looking to pass standing. Sean focusing on Zak's right arm. Sean threatens with a loop choke, but Zak isn't bothered.

Zak now playing in the open guard of Sean, but drops to a leg lock. No disqualification for reaping the knee here. We're back in 50/50 as each man looks to break grips. Zak briefly rolling for a back-take, but bails on it. Zak with a brief kneebar attempt. Sean now playing in Zak's open guard, looking to pass. Back to 50/50 briefly. Zak locks in a heel hook but Sean rolls out and escapes. Sean now playing some spider guard, looking to sweep. Zak working a standing pass, but flops to the side. Sean throws up a triangle attempt, switch to armbar but there's nothing there.

Back to 50/50, Sean working to pass Zak's spider guard. Zak using pressure to pass standing, but has an arm trapped in Sean's inverted guard. Zak looking to slide the knee through for the Royler pass. Sean frustrating Zak maintaining the guard, but Sean is threatening with a triangle. More knee reaping in 50/50, but we're all legal.

Sean locks in an Omoplata, but switches to a straight armbar. A brief leglock attempt neutrals out. Zak looking to hit a berimbolo, but Sean not having it. Zak finally passes to side control. Zak keeping pressure heavy on Sean and passes to mount. Zak looks to be going to an Ezekiel choke, Florian calling it a loop choke. Sean staying calm and reserved, not struggling. Zak sinks in a collar choke, but falls for a triple attack. Zak trying to hit an armbar but having problems. Zak adjusts and he's back in mount.

Zak again working an X choke from mount, but now working a top mount triangle. Zak again hits the Omoplata to an armbar, but then switch to a Baratoplata. Nothing there. We're done. No Sub. Match ends in draw.

Zak Maxwell vs. Sean Roberts declared a draw.

Gui Mendes vs. Samir Chantre

Gui and Samir shake hands and we're off. Gui grabs double lapel and sits. Gui working de la riva and looking to sweep.
Gui now standing as Samir threatens a kneebar, switching to a toe hold. Gui not bothered. Gui now safe as Samir remains inverted, looking to attack Gui's left leg. Gui staying tight on the lapel of Samir's collar. Samir using a technically illegal grip inside Gui's pants to keep him from passing. Gui now in half guard, using his pressure to smash Samir's guard. Gui working to escape his trapped left leg. Gui now passes to side control.

Gui setting up a lapel choke, baseball choke looks to be coming. Gui in triple attack position, double knee on belly. Samir is not having fun here. Gui taking his time, stepping over Samir's head. Samir escapes the choke, but Gui is right back with the pressure. We're back in the baseball choke, Samir rotates but can't escape. We have a tap!

Dean Lister vs. Renato Sobral

The guys slap hands and we're off. Dean should be looking for a foot lock from the get go. Dean looking to lock up but Babalu pushing off and away.

Babalu now engaging in the tie ups, but really working to keep Dean off him. Dean drops but can't pull guard. Dean now sits. Babalu wants none of it. Dean now buttscooting to Babalu. Babalu now engaging. Dean hits and arm drag and lands in Babalu full guard. Babalu working to control Dean's posture. Dean staying very well postured, not being broken down.

Babalu looking to control Dean's left arm it looks like. Babalu staying tight in the closed guard, but just not doing much here. Babalu still really focusing on that left arm of Dean. Babalu briefly breaks Dean's posture, but he's back up. Dean drops for a heel hook and Babalu escapes in a scramble! Great save from Babalu.

We restart with Dean in half guard. Dean hits knee on belly, breifly getting the mount. Dean now working an attack from the back. Dean has both hooks in and looking to turn. Dean now firmly in control of Babalu's back. Beautiful sit up escape from Babalu and he's out! We restart at center.

Babalu now working to pass Dean's half guard. Babalu working to pin Dean's far hip to pass completely, but is having trouble. Dean scrambles and almost takes Babalu's back. Back to seated for Dean. Babalu working a wizzer, but Dean in better position, looking to take the back. Instead, Dean mounts. Babalu recovers half guard, working to escape his trapped left leg. Babalu pushes Dean's right leg through and he's out. Back to center, Dean looking to work deep half guard. Babalu passes, steps over and now in North South, grabs a front headlock. Babalu stands, Dean working open guard.

Babalu working a D'arce choke, but Dean gives the thumbs up! Dean escapes and nearly reverses. Babalu back in half. Dean rolls up again, but Babalu back to North South. Dean escapes, back to seated. Very inactive final minute and we're done. No submission, match is a draw.

Dean Lister vs. Renato Sobral declared a draw.

Keenan Cornelius vs. Vinny Magalhaes

Sounds like this fight has been cancelled, as Vinny has revealed he has a MRSA infection. Keenan Cornelius will now face Kevin Casey.

Head pressure right away here. Casey took this on 30 minutes notice so lets see how this goes. Casey looking for a foot trip. Kennan sits to pull guard, but Casey isn't having it.

Keenan working his open guard. Keenan has a deep grab on Casey's right ankle, working de la riva. Casey being very cautious here. Keenan briefly hits an ankle hold from de la riva, but Casey pulls out. Still, looks like he got his knee torqued a bit there. Keenan threatens with a sweep, but regains to closed guard. Keenan now looking to sweep, but switches to a body triangle. Keenan opens up, Casey back to standing.

Keenan looks to be setting up an Omoplata, but Casey is right out. Keenan keeping it playful, but now has double underhooks in closed guard. Keenan baiting some reaction from a hip bump sweep, but grabs his own leg for a loose rubber guard. Keenan now inverted, but just feeling Casey out. Keenan stands and goes for a single leg takedown. Casey stuffs it. Keenan grabs an overhook and pulls guard. Maybe trying to set up a flying triangle.

Keenan nails a double leg on Casey and mounts! Keenan working to isolate Casey's right arm, but Casey escapes. Back to standing. Casey hits a body lock takedown and gets a trip takedown, but Keenan is up and nails a single leg off an arm drag, Marcello style. They drop to 50/50. Whoa! We've got some chatter between the two and they stop. Casey has tapped to an inside heel hook!

Keenan Cornelius def. Kevin Casey

Rafael Mendes vs. Clark Gracie

Rafa and Clark are off. Both guys keeping their distance and we have a double guard pull. Rafa hits his berimbolo right away and he's working to take Gracie's back. Rafa has Clark's left leg isolated and left arm bent behind him. Back to more of a 50/50 position as they both work to establish some sleeve grips. Clark sitting up, Rafa meets him. Rafa vicious with his grip breaks here. Rafa rolling to his left, but Clark stifling it.

Rafa hits another berimbolo and nearly has Clark's back. Rafa has it! Rafa nails the back-take. Clark working to recover and he's out. We're back to 50/50. Clark stands, almost looking for a leg drag. Clark being patient here, while Rafa is forced to chase. Rafa paws at Clark's right ankle and Clark pulls out. Back to 50/50.

Rafa back attacking that right ankle and hits another berimbolo. Rafa inverted, but he pops out on top and briefly hits a knee on belly. Rafa bails, hopping right back into guard. Might be a sign of his strategy here. Clark is up and again looking to pass as Rafa is seated. Rafa goes for the berimbolo once again, but it's largely stalled right away.

Rafa turning it on a bit now, looking for leg drags to pass. Rafa working to break a sleeve hold from Clark. Rafa grabs the back of Clark's pants and rolls for a back-take but it's stalled. Clark up now looking to pass, but drops for a straight ankle lock! Rafa not too bothered and he's out. Rafa threatened a berimbolo but comes up on top. Back to 50/50, with each looking to place the other's ankle for a heel hook or straight lock.

Rafa looking a bit frustrated now. Clark stands and Rafa pulls Clark back down. Rafa threatens a submission, looked like an ankle lock, but it goes nowhere. Clark goes for a desperation straight ankle lock on Rafa but there's nothing there. That's all folks. No sub. Fight is a draw.

Rafael Mendes vs. Clark Gracie declared a draw.

Eddie Bravo vs. Royler Gracie

And now for the main event. Royler looks calm while Bravo appears a bit wired, very intense. Slap hands and we're off.
Bravo lands in half guard with Royler looking to pass. Royler looking to slice his knee inside while Bravo holds onto quarter guard. Royler looking to smash Bravo down, but Eddie doing a great job staying up on his hip, turned into Gracie. Bravo with a deep underhook on Royler's top leg, making it tough to maintain that shoulder pressure.

Now Royler's got the top leg free, letting him work in a sprinter's stance and crank down on the pressure. Eddie reestablishes the underhook, but Bravo nails the lockdown. Royler now driving the top of his head right into Bravo's chin. Incredible top pressure from Gracie here, but he's burning energy. Strain on the face of both men.

Eddie back with half guard and switches sides. Bravo trying to hit the electric chair! Royler defends but Bravo takes the top position, still holding the lockdown. Bravo has his hands joined with an underhook on both Gracie's right leg and arm. Royler is getting smashed here. Bravo passes to side, but is working a knee crank! Gracie in trouble here. Bravo moved to the back but Royler recovers and we're back to half!

Royler again working to break Bravo's half guard. Eddie using the lockdown well. Bravo releases and tries to grab rubber guard, but Royler scrambles and Eddie reclaims half. Electric char again from Bravo! Imagine taking the deepest, worst lunge of your life. That's Royler right now. Bravo briefly on top, but Gracie reverses and we're back to half, lockdown.

Bravo goes for the electric chair again and uses it to sweep Royler. Another reversal! And Another! Both guys swapping top position. We've got a break while the two sort out a restart position. They're actually arguing now! Bravo steps out and walks off. Bravo wants video replay! The crowd is going nuts! Bravo gets his position and restarts on top.

Bravo working the lockdown as each man sits out on a hip. Bravo securing top with double under hooks now. Bravo drops for a calf slicer and it's nasty, Royler shakes his finger, no no. Royler looks to be trying to reverse it for his own slicer. Neither men accomplishing much here. Royler smiling at Bravo now. 30 seconds left and Bravo is putting everything into this slicer, nothing doin.'

We're done. No sub. Match is a draw.

Eddie Bravo vs. Royler Gracie declared a draw.