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UFC Fight Night 38 results: Rony Jason stops Steven Siler with strikes in the first

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

The first fight of the main card at UFC Fight Night 38 didn't last long as The Ultimate Fighter winner Rony Jason stopped Steven Silver at just 1:17 with strikes in the first round.

The bout opened as normally as any other UFC bout as both fighters, standing orthodox, began feeling each other out with strikes. Siler used a series of outside leg kicks that mostly found the mark, but Jason returned the favor with leaping left and right hooks.

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The end came when Jason timed a right hook over the top to Siler's jab, rocking the American. A follow-up left hook sent Siler crashing to the mat. However, as Jason went to finish the job, an active Siler used an upkick and movement underneath to keep the fight in play. It wouldn't be enough, however, and referee Wernei Cardoso halted the action there.

“I’m disappointed because it was an incredibly early stoppage by the ref. I didn’t even have time to communicate I was OK because he jumped in so fast. I got hit, dropped to my back to take a defensive posture and was throwing an upkick to give me some space. And then, all of the sudden, it was over.  I guess it was my fault for getting hit, staying exposed," Siler said.

Siler's record drops to 23-12 while Jason climbs 14-4 in professional mixed martial arts.

“I had an amazing camp. I made weight and still had some grams to spare. I’m very happy, I feel like everything went perfectly. Last time I was crying, this time I’m smiling. That’s how a fighter’s life goes," Jason said after the fight.