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UFC Fight Night 38 live blog: Shogun Rua vs. Dan Henderson 2

Shogun Rua will try to avenge a previous loss to Dan Henderson at UFC Fight Night 38.
Shogun Rua will try to avenge a previous loss to Dan Henderson at UFC Fight Night 38.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC Fight Night 38 live blog for Shogun Rua vs. Dan Henderson 2, a light heavyweight bout at Sunday night's UFC event at the Ginasio Nelio Dias in Natal, Brazil.

Rua, who has won two of his past five UFC fights, will face Henderson, who also has lost two of his past five UFC fights, in the main event.

Check out the UFC Fight Night 38 live blog below.

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Round 1: Herb Dean is the referee for the rematch to 2011's fight of the year. Ninety degrees in open air arena in Brazil. They touch them up. Both with their right hands coiled and ready to spring. Leg kick from Shogun, and Henderson comes over top with a right hand which connects. Leg kick from Hendo now. Henderson a little more cautious here than he was with Belfort. He's being patient. Big leg kick from Shogun. And another. He's attacking that lead leg of Henderson's. Henderson comes in with a combination, but Rua covers up on the fly. Another leg kick from Rua. Skirmish at center, with Hendo briefly clinching and missing on uppercut. Henderson with a takedown in scramble, but Rua right back up. Leg kick from Rua, and he follows that up with left jab. Hendo crouches in for takedown, but more feel-out than anything. As Shogun came in with a kick, Hendo cocked back and threw counter right which narrowly misses. Clinch from Shogun after Henderson comes in with a right, and gets a knee into Henderson's midsection. A lot of respect on both sides; neither doing anything incautiously. Wow! Henderson with a big shot, and just as it looks like Rua is hurt he drops a huge punch on Henderson! And Henderson's rocked! He is flailing on the canvas, and is in survival mode. He grabs a leg, and is clearly hurt. Now he's on his back and fending off for the end of the round. That was close to being stopped! Henderson was hurt as the bell rings. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Rua, 10-9.

Round 2: Henderson's corner asking him to wrestle. His chin was in evidence in that first round. Shogun comes over top with a right and connects. Henderson moves in for his own, but can't find a home for his own right. And Rua rocks Henderson again, but as Rua comes in Henderson ties him up. They are on fence, Rua posting Hendo up. Rua now flirting with a takedown, and they spin away. Jab by Shogun. They plant and throw, and each man lands -- Hendo up top, and Rua to the body. Henderson clinches after a punch, and nothing doing. BOOM. Rua with an uppercut which again mows down Henderson. Henderson on his back and still there, as Rua moves into his guard. Henderson has been rocked a few times in this fight, but he has kept his wits. All Rua, though. SHogun swimming through with punches, landing close shots and boxing Hendo's ears. Henderson clinging best he can, and controlling Rua's head. Henderson taking deep breaths, still with Shogun in his guard. Rua trying to posture up, can't. Dean is right over top the action, but not intervening as Rua is staying busy enough. Just as I say that, Dean stands them up. Half a minute to go, and Rua moving in with jab. Henderson still with right hand ready to roll, coiled at his side. Round ends with Shogun looking to be in control. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Rua, 10-9 (20-18 overall)

Round 3: Rua to center. Henderson's comes over top with huge right hand just as Rua jabs, but misses. Henderson beautiful combo there moving forward, landed a clean right at the end. Good exchange in the middle, this time with Shogun ending in a body shot. They separate, and Henderson drops the HUGE shot on Rua that drops him! Wow! Hammerfists, hammerfirsts, and Rua is out! Dean moves in and calls him off! Wow. Huge right hand from Henderson out of the clinch just obliterated Rua, and it was academic from there. Rua was trying for clinch, and Henderson with clean right hook right into the nasal passages, and down went Rua. Forty three years old, and Henderson still bringing thunder.

UFC Fight Night 38 official results: Dan Henderson def. Mauricio Rua via TKO (strikes) at 1:31 of R3