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Cris Cyborg: Ronda Rousey thinks Gina Carano is an easy fight

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Guilherme Cruz, MMA Fighting

Every time Ronda Rousey gives an interview, Cristiane "Cyborg" Justino is one of the topics.

During a media day in Dallas, Texas, before UFC 171, women’s bantamweight champion opened up about a rumored bout with MMA veteran Gina Carano, and "Rowdy" said she wouldn’t mind moving up to fight Carano.

"There are exceptions that I would make for Gina that I wouldn't make for anyone else," Rousey said.

By anyone else, Rousey means Cyborg.

Cyborg, a former Strikeforce champion and current Invicta FC featherweight kingpin, wasn’t surprised to hear that Rousey would move up to fight Carano after stating several times that the Brazilian should cut down to 135 if she wanted to fight her.

"I wasn’t surprised because I knew how tough is for Gina to go down to 135, so (this fight) would need to be a catchweight," Cyborg told

"Gina Carano is a great athlete and I’d happy if she returns to MMA, doesn’t matter if it’s against Ronda. But she hasn’t fought since 2009. Her last fight was against me at Strikeforce, so I believe that Ronda thinks it’s such an easy fight that she would even move up. She knows that it would be different against me, especially because I already defeated Gina."

Cyborg didn’t make a prediction on who would have won a fight between Rousey and Carano, but believes that ring rust would be an important factor.

"They both are great athletes and have chances to win," she said, "but Gina Carano hasn’t fought for four years so she’s not in a good rhythm."

Cris Cyborg returns to action on March 28 in a muay thai title fight against Jorina Baars at Lion Fight in Las Vegas, Nev., but is confident that she will make her bantamweight debut in MMA this year.

"My focus now is in my 145-pound title fight at Lion Fight," Cyborg said. "I have many fights this year, and one of them will be at 135."

With a natural weight of 165 pounds, Cyborg has already changed her diet to make 135 and stay healthy to compete.

"People think that it’s just 10 pounds, but my normal weight is 165 pounds of muscle with 4% of body fat," she said. "Losing muscle is a hard job, but I’m working to lose weight and be prepared (to fight).

"Obviously, I’m changing my diet and training. Nothing is impossible for God. My job is to work hard and do my best, dedicate in training and in my new diet. The rest is consequence."