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List of potential Executive Directors for Nevada State Athletic Commission narrows

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The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) is one step closer to finding their next Executive Director. After long-time Executive Director Keith Kizer resigned in January of this year, ending a run of more than seven years in the position, the Department of Business and Industry in Nevada, a regulatory body overseeing the NSAC, began a process to find his successor.

After taking applications through February and narrowing the choices down, the Department of Business and Industry forwarded a list of candidates to the NSAC for further consideration. The larger NSAC will publicly interview between three and five candidates, of which one will be selected to replace Kizer.

The list of potential Executive Director candidates, already commission members in listed states, were sent to MMA Fighting. They are as follows:

Robert Sean Bennett (NV)
Eric Bentley (NY)
Aaron M Davis (NJ)
Christopher Eccles (NV)
Andrew Foster (CA)
Craig Hubble (CA)
Michael Martino (NV)
Jeffrey C. Mullen (TN)
Joseph W. Nady (NV)
Mark Smith (NV)

The commission is expected to formally fill the vacancy by April.