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Morning Report: Tyron Woodley calls Joe Rogan's UFC 171 commentary 'horrendous,' feels he's being punished for being in shape

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

With his UFC 171 victory over Carlos Condit undeniably marred by injury, Tyron Woodley feels he's been unfairly characterized as just a fitness model brawler. Oft criticized for a slowing workrate during later rounds, Woodley experienced a noticeable drop-off in a split decision loss to Jake Shields at UFC 161 last June. Conversely, Woodley's best work typically comes in the form of spectacular first-round knockouts, as Josh Koscheck learned at UFC 167 in November.

Justified or not, Woodley says critiques of his endurance are being unfairly attributed to his muscular physique.

"It's almost like they're punishing you for training hard," Woodley told MMA Mental. "They're punishing you for being physically fit. I think Joe Rogan is horrendous for his commentary that he did for that fight. Everything was, 'Oh, Tyron threw a hard bomb but Carlos took it. He's got such a great chin. Oh, Tyron has a takedown. Look at Carlos. He's doing the mission impossible guard [mission control].' Everything that I did he was leaning it towards the credit of Carlos Condit.

"I think sometimes when you watch a fight and you listen to the commentary you can kind of veer the spectators, and hopefully not the UFC, in directions it shouldn't be going."

While Rogan was overtly complimentary of Woodley during the opening moments of the bout, his first mention of Woodley's pace came just two minutes into Round 1 by comparing Woodley to a muscle car, saying, "It's fun to hit that gas, but you're not going to make it to Vegas." Rogan reinforced that notion a minute later, saying, "Woodley's slowing down already." Rogan's counterpart, Mike Goldberg, opened Round 2 saying, "Let's keep an eye on the cardio of Tyron Woodley and the technique of Carlos Condit." Rogan replied, "You can see his stomach moving. He's taking some deep breaths. It's certainly not the Tyron Woodley that came out in the first round, fresh."

Rogan's commentary flows seamlessly with how he seemed to characterize Woodley during his UFC 171 preview leading up to the event. "So many things make [Woodley] dangerous," said Rogan. "His athleticism. His Power. His ridiculous speed. His excellent wrestling."

"I was not wincing," says Woodley. "I was not in any harm or any danger at any point in the fight. My cardio felt great and it was even in my gameplan to increase the level in the third round. I wasn't even at full speed. People say, 'He started off hard! He started off in a full sprint!' I didn't even start off in a full sprint. If they think that's a full sprint for me, then I'm happy with it because they haven't seen a full sprint yet."



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