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Chael Sonnen wants third fight with Anderson Silva

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Third time’s the charm?

Chael Sonnen spent two months in Brazil to coach the third season of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil opposite to Wanderlei Silva, and they are set to battle on May 31. After he faces his long-time rival, Sonnen would like a third shot at another Silva.

"Anderson is a nice guy and I’ve met his family, but a guy and a fighter are completely different things," Sonnen told TV show "Estrelas" in Brazil (quotes originally translated from English to Portuguese by the TV show). "I wish him an amazing life, but I still want to beat him.

"I also want to fight Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva, and I don’t wish them anything bad."

Sonnen, who became the public enemy number one before and after his first fight with Anderson Silva, doesn’t see himself as a trash talker.

"For me it’s always real, I’m not an actor," he said. "I’d never create something. Sometimes you fight someone you don’t like, but sometimes you have to fight a friend and you have to keep the same approach."

"I never think of myself as a trash talker. When someone asks me something, I’ll answer it straight. Other people prefer to lie to your face, they think it’s more polite to lie, but then stab a knife in your back."

"I don’t mean this to be an excuse, I chose my words and I know what I say, but I was jealous when I watched Anderson fighting on TV," Sonnen continued. "I didn’t think he was the best in the world, and I wanted to fight and beat him."

Even though he wants a third shot against "The Spider", Sonnen hopes that the Brazilian retires from the sport following a gruesome injury he suffered against Chris Weidman at UFC 168 in December.

"I hope that Anderson retires, there’s nothing for him to achieve anymore and he has money enough for his future generations," he said. "I hope he can look back and feel proud of his career and understands that we all see him as a great champion."