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Tyron Woodley vs. Carlos Condit full fight video highlights

Watch Tyron Woodley vs. Carlos Condit full fight video highlights above, courtesy of ESPN.

UFC 171 took place March 15, 2014 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. UFC welterweights Carlos Condit (29-7) and Tyron Woodley (13-2) met in the UFC 171 co-main event, which aired live on pay-per-view.

For more on Woodley's win, check out the play-by-play by MMA Fighting's Chuck Mindenhall below.

Round 1: Co-main event, potentially for the next crack at the welterweight crown. Condit-Woodley, here we go. The referee is Jacob Montalvo. They are instructed, and they touch gloves. Condit to the center, and they size up. Woodley comes in with a right hand that catches Condit and sends him reeling. Then he lands another one, same thing. Boom! Woodley throwing thunder, comes in with combination leading to uppercut, and landed fairly well. Condit now tied up, and Woodley pushed the one-time interim champ's back into the fence. Woodley trying to dump Condit down. Can't off the bat. Condit working looping shots into Woodley's rib cage, but they aren't doing much, Finally Condit blasts off the fence and gets enough room to land a parting shot, but Woodley right back on him. This time Condit backs Woodley to the fence. They roll along, Woodley now muscling Condit along, his trunk-like thighs like pillars. They separate and head back to center. Condit moves in with kick, misses, but landed a left hand of a one-two. As Condit flies in for another sally, Woodley dumps him on his back. Condit immediately elastic, and tries to sink a triangle, but Woodley lifts him in the air and drops him. They stand. Woodley moves forward with a combination, and a couple land. As they reset, Woodley explodes into Condit's waste and takes him down. Condit uses rubber guard to lift Woodley off him, and they stand. As Condit comes in, Woodley blasts him with a spinning backfist. In return, Condit slams home a right hand. Round ends there. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Woodley, 10-9.

Round 2: Woodley seemed to have been slowing at the end of the round, the big concern coming in. Here we go. Condit out with high kicks, three isolated in a row. The fourth lands. He waves the jab out there and Woodley backs up. Right hand by Woodley. Big takedown from Woodley, and down goes Condit. He winces as he went. Immediately into mission control, and he latches onto his ankle to keep legs high. Can't maintain it, and Woodley now in his guard. However, Condit the busier fighter. He is landing small shots from his back, a series of them, and the referee stands them up. Condit seems okay, and just as I write that, Woodley kicks his knee and Condit immediately falls down and clutches his knee! It's over. Condit's knee is messed up. Woodley must have known it, and went straight after it. Even though he kicked one knee, it looked like the other that buckled.

UFC 171 official results: Tyron Woodley def. Carlos Condit via TKO (doctor stoppage) at 2:00 of R2.

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